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Friday, November 30, 2012

Battle in the Eye of Terror • 3rd Chaos Mission


This is the third and final mission for a one day campaign that takes place in the Eye of Terror. Whichever player accumulates the most battle points total over the course of all three missions claims control of a pristine planet located in the very center of the Eye. The warp is very strong but also fickle and favors no one.

These missions are only for Chaos armies (Chaos Daemons and Chaos Space Marines) - no other armies are allowed, not even as allies.

The Bridge of Sighs is located along the very equator of a northern province on the main continent of the planet. The bridge was forged by the four Gods of Chaos from the many skulls and bones of slain enemies that fought on either side of the molten river that flows beneath it. It passes over the Rio Diablo and connects the New Prison to the sacrificial chambers in the Prince's Palace.

The view from the Bridge of Sighs was the last view of the former capital city palace that convicts gathered from across the entire galaxy saw before their imprisonment. The bridge name comes from the suggestion that prisoners would sigh at their final view of the once beautiful palace before being taken down to the underground containment cells. In reality all of the summary sacrifices were over by the time the bridge was completed and the cells underneath the palace were occupied by hundreds of thousands of crazed convicts. In addition, little could be seen from the bridge due to the vast towering gouts of burning ash belched out from the swollen burning river.

A local legend says that the last of the convicts revolted, lead by the fifth Chaos God Malal, erupting from the Bridge Of Sighs to lay waste to the entire city in one gruesome act of final revenge. The bridge collapsed under the sheer weight of bodies claiming their death as well.

Every other 10,000 years the bridge re-appears at sunset and the reanimated forces of Chaos assemble on either side to fight to the death for their dark Gods again (Night Fight is in effect the entire game).

Place a bridge in the center of the table with a river flowing from one end to the other underneath it. Whomever controls the bridge at the end of the game wins. Keep playing turns (after the sixth turn if necessary) until only one army has control... Even if it comes down to the very last model. The bridge is worth 10 battle points.

The River Goliath
The ancient river is a vast daemonic entity created from the very souls of the last convicts that fell into it after the bridge collapsed. Nothing can cross the river by any means - except by crossing the Bridge of Sighs. Note that one of the Warlord Traits listed below is the one and only exception.


Dawn of War

- Special Rules -
• Units on either side of the bridge always count as having Stealth and are Shrouded as well.
• Psychic tests are not necessary.
• Daemonic units must deploy normally.
• All units are Fearless and gain Counter Attack while on the bridge.

If a unit destroys an enemy unit immediately roll on the following table (d3):

1 - The unit gains +1S and Rending.
2 - The unit returns to full strength.
3 - The unit enters Stasis for one entire turn - they are immobile and count as impassable terrain. If the unit is located on the bridge place them on their side the minimum distance necessary so that all other units can move onto the bridge. Once they leave stasis they count as being Slow and Purposeful and move as if in difficult terrain for the next turn.

Note there is only ever at most one roll for any unit on the table above even if a unit destroys multiple enemy units.

Select one that you chose from either of the first two missions. On a roll of 2 on 2d6 the icon has no effect the entire game. On a roll of 12 the unit with the icon also gains Move through Cover.

1-  The Warlord gains +2W at the start of the game and has Endurance.
2 - The Warlord and any unit it joins can deep strike anywhere on the table at the start of that player's turn. If they land on the opponent's side of the bridge each model suffers a S6 AP - hit (Shred, Soul Blaze), they always scatter, are Blinded and are lost to the warp if they mishap that turn.
3 - The Warlord and any unit it joins gains Night Vision.

There are six turns - then continue to play another turn until only one army controls the bridge at the end of that turn. Any and all units can hold the bridge.

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