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Friday, August 13, 2010

New formula to measure success...

I came up with this idea after reading an article on Danny Internet's blog entitled Bald and Angry. As you will note the formula is devoid of factors such as sportsmanship and army composition. It is designed purely to determine which player was the best general and to a degree filters out winning the majority of your games versus n00bs.

I am an engineer by trade and have a very strong background in mathematics. Being an engineer is all about being practical. I often will derive equations to measure specific values and see how some process or piece of equipment is performing

So what if we were to derive some simple equations/formulas to rank players/armies? For example, consider the following one to determine the overall winner at a tournament:

A = {B*b + C*c}/N


A = normalized total score
a = 1st weighting factor
B = total number of won games; for example, 5 would be the highest possible for a five round tournament
b = 2nd weighting factor
C = strength of competition; this score would be based upon how well each of your opponents scored overall and you would only receive points towards this variable for the games you won
c = 2nd weighting factor
N = normalizing factor; basically you take everyones' overall score (A) and divide it by the maximum total score. This step is not necessary but it's an easy way to present the final scores so that the players can see where they ranked overall.

The two weighting factors (b & c) are there to adjust the overall weight of B (number of games won) versus C (strength of your opponents). For example you might want A to potentially count for twice as much as B.

This equation eliminates battle points, reflecting only your wins and strength of schedule, so theoretically it would be impossible for a player who won more games versus baby seals to win an event over another player would won more games versus tougher opponents.


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