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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Day 2 batreps from BoLScon

= 2nd Day =

• 5th game versus Salamanders (player rating = 3)
Wow for some reason I am drawing a blank on this game. I guess being old and having to get up at the crack of dawn after a night of serious drinking will do that to you. What I do remember is my opponent's army was a classic Salamander list lead by Vulkan. All that twin linked melta is not that effective versus an army such as mine, seeing I had very little in the way of armor. His thunder termies with Vulkan in a Crusader got heavily toasted by Dante and his Corp of Sanguinary Guard then charged; the thunder termies were wiped out to the man before they could swing then Vulkan whiffed and ran off the table. I scored a major victory this round and it was good to a win under my belt for the start of the second day.

• 6th game versus Blood Angels (player rating = 3)
This was an interesting mission with one objective placed in the center of the table. You scored points toward the primary each turn you ended with a scoring unit on the objective uncontested during your opponent's turn. Here is my opponent's list:

Librarian/Might of Heroes & Unleash Rage, terminator armor & stormshield

Sanguinary Priest
6x assault terminator/3x pair of lightning claws & 3G thunderhammer & stormshield - landraider Crusader/pintle mounted multi-melta

5x assault Marine/meltagun - landraider redeemer/pintle mounted multi-melta
5x assault Marine/meltagun - landraider/pintle mounted multi-melta
10x assault Marine/2x flamer, hand flamer & power fist - landraider Crusader/pintle mounted multi-melta

This was another game wherein my dice were burning hot. My Stormraven wrecked three of my opponent's landraiders on glancing hits from either the Bloodstrike missiles or twin linked multi-melta. It was crazy. I knew I needed to massacre my opponent to win since he went first and had a scoring unit on the objective starting on the first turn. This was the game in which my Vanguard veterans scattered into a squad of assault Marines and mishapped. It was okay though since by then it was the 3rd turn and I wiped him out to the last Marine the following turn. So this game I scored full points moving up to table #7 for the seventh and final round.

• 7th game versus IG (player rating = 4)
The primary for this mission was the one where you place one objective in each deployment zone with Dawn of War. Massacre if you hold both objectives, minor win if you hold one and contest the other, draw if both players hold one objective and a big fat loss if you control neither objective. My opponent had a classic mech IG list:

CCS/MotF, 3x meltagun - chimera
CCS/Astropath, 3G plasmagun - chimera

Battle Psyker Squad - chimera

Several squads of vets - some mounted in chimeras & some riding in the Vendettas

3x Vendetta

2x Demolisher
2x Hydra

This game I felt I would have to play for a draw versus all that firepower placing my objective close to my table edge beside a building that was walled up, excellent for blocking off enemy LOS. This was the game in which I combat squadded by assault Marines attaching the Chaplain to one squad that would deepstrike; the other combat squad I placed behind the building close to the objective so they could make a run onto my objective on turn 6 (I got to go second). There was a big hill providing intervening terrain in the center of the table and my opponent placed his objective behind it. It was a bloody game for sure with both sides taking lots of causalities over the course. I kept the Sanguinor and the Furioso in the Stormraven and when it came in from reserve I parked my gunship beside my building blasting away at incoming chimeras. I sent commander Dante and his Sanguniary Guard out to contest the enemy objective along with the Vanguard veterans. They both blew up a chimera, killed some vets then were tormented to death. The rest of forces holed up around my objective fighting off wave after wave of incoming guardsmen. By the last turn all I had left was the Furioso and two assault Marines. There were two remnant squads of vets and one CCS holding my objective. The Furioso came out from behind the building dosing two squads of guardsmen with the heavy flamer then charged the remainder slicing them apart with it's Blood Talons. Only two guardsmen left for my two assault Marines to tackle and I would secure the draw. Bolt pistols fired, both missing then I charged in routing them and consolidated onto my objective. I didn't score any points for the secondary or tertiary nor any of the tactical bonuses. This opponent was quite cagey and played it very well using the strengths of his army to their best. The Sanguinor must have been tired out as he did squat this game and was torrented off the table by the Hydras.

So that was it. I had a great time and would recommend BoLScon to anyone. All the missions were well designed, great staff of TOs and some fantastic opponents.


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