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Blood Vow

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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Epic gaming moment at BoLScon • BA vs BA

Vanguard veteran gain the Red Thirst & their sergeant receives the Angel's Blessing from the Sanguinor. Vanguard veterans deep strike onto battlefield, assault and destroy squad of Honor Guard then consolidate into cover. Furioso with Blood Talons from enemy army moves into position to assault. Three squads of enemy assault Marines disembark to further surround Vanguard. Meltas, assault cannons and bolt pistols torrent Vanguard but they pass all their saves (friendly Priest in range to grant Feel No Pain. Vanguard destroy another squad of assault Marines who charge in with lightning claws and power weapon. Furioso charges the Vanguard sergeant and swings simo due to charging into terrain. Vanguard sergeant unleashes with three attacks, scoring two pens... Dreadnaught is destroyed on a 6 and ensuing explosion causes multiple wounds on the other enemy assault squads - they fail some saves and then fail their morale fleeing off the table. Vanguard sergeant is immersed in the aftermath of the destruction watching as the burning wreckage fills the air with the dead. Epic gaming moment.