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Sunday, August 08, 2010

3 battles

Felt like shit this morning when I woke up, not really in the mood to play again right after BoLS but I heard some bird pecking at my bedroom window so I took it as a sign to go and play at a local RTT today.

The matchups were as follows - Chaos Space Marines, horde orks and then finally Space Wolves. I was happy not to have to play some other armies so I think Khorne was smiling upon me. Here is my abbreviated list:

Herald of Khorne/juggernaught

6x Blood Crushers

8x Bloodletter
15x Bloodletter

Soul Grinder
Soul Grinder
Daemon Prince (Mark of Nurgle)

Some people crack on my list saying the Nurgle Prince is not fluffy but in my opinion with all the blood letting and rampant death there is a place for him, he is a gift to the army from Lord Nurgle and is a stoic attachment.

I felt I was very lucky to pull three T4 armies, two of which were MEQ. Both the horde orks and Space Wolves proved to be a challenge for me. The missions were a bit unique, well designed and fun to play.

My first opponent was playing Chaos Space Marines and fairly new to the game. We had a good time. The combination of invulnerable saves plus all the high initiative attacks that ignore armor saves were too much for them and I ended up with a major victory. Here was his abbreviated list:

Tzneetch Prince/wings & warp time

5x Chosen/2x meltagun - rhino
5x Chosen/2x meltagun - rhino

10x Chaos Space Marines/2x meltagun
10x Chaos Space Marines/2x meltagun
10x World Eaters/power fist

2x Oblit
2x Oblit

I split my waves as follows:

Preferred: Bloodthirster, Daemon Prince,Heralds+Crushers, Soul Grinder
Secondary: Bloodletters, Bloodletters, Soul Grinder

The mission was spearhead deployment & two objectives. I placed my objective close to the center of the table between two pieces of terrain and my opponent placed his closer to his back corner. I won the roll and opted to go second but my secondary wave came in first. I dropped the Soul Grinder in front of my objective with both troops coming in on either side of my objective. My opponent held his two Chosen squads in reserve and castled the rest of his army. First turn saw the landraider carrying the World Eaters move forward 12" with the rest of his army moving up behind it; one squad of Chaos Space Marines held back sitting on his objective. Not much happened I his shooting phase with my first Soul Grinder shrugging off some stray lascannon shots.

Next turn the forces of CSM pushed forward again and destroyed my first Soul Grinder. I got in all my reserves placing the two Heralds and Blood Crushers beside his objective to move in and contest/destroy. Second Soul Grinder wasted a squad of CSM with a well placed pieplate.

Third turn it got a bit bloody with the Berzerkers charging my second Soul Grinder, immobilizing it and the Tzneetch prince assaulted my 8 man squad of Bloodletters. I countered charging the greater daemon into the landraider and destroyed it while my Nurgle Prince jumped on the Tzneetch prince and aet it. Crushers hit the CSM on his objective and aet them while Skulltaker split off and aet a squad of Oblits. I could not take both objectives and settled for a major win clearing off everything but one squad of Oblits and one squad of Chosen. I only lost the one Soul Grinder.


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