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Sunday, August 29, 2010

DC army • 2nd batrep - Tales of brave Urides * Civil War !!

My next round was versus my very good friend Shane Brayla who hails from Daytona. We spent a lot of the day together talking and having fun hanging out. He is also a huge fan of Blood Angels and brought a more conventional jump infantry list:

The Sanguinor

2x Sanguinary Priest (jump packs)/power sword x2
Chaplain (jump pack)

Sanguinary Guard/Chapter Banner, infernus pistol & power fist
10x assault Marine (jump packs)/2x meltagun, power fist
10x assault Marine (jump packs)/2x meltagun, power fist

8x Devastator/4x lascannon

So basically another small elite jump army that hits hard in close combat. The mission used Pitched Battle for deployment and the objective was victory points. Shane had to use the bathroom just before the game started, so I teased him that he was calling WhiteDevil on his cell phone for tactical advice. He knew I was kidding around so we had a laugh then got started. Again I won the roll for deployment, opting to go second and started with my entire army in reserve. Shane deployed his entire army right up at the edge of his deployment zone and used his first two turns to move the full distance towards my board edge and also ran his army forward as well. Shane did keep his Devastators back in his DZ clumping them in a small piece of terrain so he could shoot them at my two Stormravens.

On my 2nd turn my entire army arrived with the two Stormravens moving on 6" firing everything into his Devastators but he only lost a couple of Marines due to good cover saves. Chaplain Urides and his Death Company deepstruck beside Shane's heavy weapons team and peppered them with more shots killing a couple more Marines; the Devastators passed their leadership test and held still. My two dreads, Astorath and his squad of Death Company plus Lemartes and his Death Company all disembarked and multi charged Shane's long line of jumpers since they had all moved up inside my charge arc. It was a very bloody melee and obviously having the charge bonuses saw my Blood Saints quickly mow through the opposition. Only Dante, the Sanguinor and one of the Sanguinary Priests managed to survive the brutal onslaught. The Sanguinor was locked up with one of my dreadnaughts as was Dante and the Priest with my other dreadnaught. Dante then used Hit & Run to wisely break away with his Priest in tow.

Top of the third turn Dante came back in and destroyed the free dreadnaught with his melta pistol while my other dreadnaught finished off the Sanguinor. The Devastators targeted one of my Stormravens but could only manage to shake it. My turn was very quick and the game was over. I had my second massacre for the day.

Shane and I did a post game analysis both concluding that it would have been much wiser if he had held back and made me come towards him. It would have then depended on if his Devastators could have picked off either of my skimmers and he could have better protected them with one of his assault squads.

As I noted in the initial post Shane ended up winning the Best General award so it was all good.


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