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Sunday, August 08, 2010

2nd battle

2nd battle...

This time I'm up on the top table versus horde orks:

Warboss - power klaw
Big Mekk - KFF & power klaw

Snikrot & kommandos
15x Loota

30x shoota boyz - 3 rokkits, power klaw & boss pole
30x shoota boyz - same
30x shoota boyz - same
30x shoota boyz - same

So lots and lots of orks !! Primary is killpoints plus you pick one enemy HQ and score more points if you kill it. I picked the warboss since I knew he'd be right in the thick of it. My opponent picked my generic herald. Deployment is pitched battle, I win the roll and opt to go second. Again I get my second wave in first:

Preferred wave - Heralds+Crushers, Bloodthirster, Soul Grinder, Bloodletters
Secondary wave - Nurgle Prince, Soul Grinder, Bloodletters

There is lots and lots of terrain on the table which is fine for me as I have very little shooting and will want to get my walkers into cc asap.

First my opponent deploys everything except Snikrot and one squad of grots. They move and run forward, except for the one squad of grots screening all those lootas. My turn the Nurgle Prince drops behind the one piece of terrain big enough to hide him from the lootas and will be able to launch an assault the next turn. Bloodletters come in beside Junior and hide as well. Grinder drifts over a bit and drops a pieplate on the Lootas but they pass all their cover saves.

2nd turn again all the boyz move up and run all flanked out from side to side. Rokkit gets through and wrecks my 1st walker. My turn everything else comes in from reserve except the greater daemon (Big Pappy). I drop the Crushers in front of the ork lines and run them a bit forward, they are ready. Second walker comes in beside the wrecked one dropping another pieplate on the lootas and manages to kill three. Junior pops out from behind the big terrain, charges one mob of boyz and starts the killing spree in earnest. Second squad of Bloodletters come in behind the big terrain as well keeping out of sight and the charge arc from Snikrot and his kommandos.

3rd turn - it is on. Two mobs of boys with warboss and big mekk amble up ready to punch my Crushers. Other mob holds back to shoot. Every orky gun that can shoot torrents my Crushers and I take 2-3 wounds. Then the charge... Skulltaker insta gibs warboss & big mekk (hee hee), Crushers and Herald direct all their attacks onto one squad of boyz and score like 20+ wounds... Insane. The other mob swings back and I take a couple more wounds on the Crushers. Junior continues aeting his ork mob and takes one wound. My turn finally Big Pappy comes in landing behind the Crusher wall. Both squads of Bloodletters hit the ork mob and disintegrate them all. Second walker joins the melee with Junior, they are aeting more orks and should break through the next turn. Everything consolidates forward into the remainder of the ork line... There is one mob left to aet.

4th turn the last unengaged mob moves up ready to do their thing. Snikrot and his boyz come in from reserve and go hide somewhere safe. Everything that can shoot targets my Crushers and I take a couple more wounds. Boyz charge and lockup in combat with Crushers and Bloodletters. I bring the mob down to around eleven after they fail a ton of No Retreat saves. I still have all my units left except for the generic herald... They are all beat up on by now but still mean as piss. Junior and the walker make short work of their mob then consolidate towards the Lootas (payback !!!). My turn Big Pappy joins the fray while Junior and the walker engulf the lootas. The other mob is aeten to death. Time is called and I win big.

I was very lucky that this was a killpoints mission as if we had been playing an objective based mission it would have been really tough with six orky scoring units to handle. My opponent mentioned maybe he should have held back on his line to shoot more but I reminded him my daemons could have then just deepstriked in closer. That's one thing I really love about daemons in general, they are pretty much immune to any deployment restrictions.


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