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Sunday, August 29, 2010

DC army - 1st batrep • Tales of brave Urides * Tyranid Assault !!

Here is a list of my opponents, their armies, and their final rank:

Dustin, Tyranids - 3rd Place
Shane, Blood Angels - 2nd Place (Best General)
Boyd, Dark Angels - 4th Place (Best Army/Paint)

So I did play the top players throughout the tourney. Shane regularly wins quite a few RTTs in central Florida too.

My general deployment was always to hold everything in reserve:
Astorath + DC + DC dread mounted in Stormraven (Unit #1)
Lemartes + DC + DC dread mounted in Stormraven (Unit #2)
Chaplain + DC (Unit #3)

Units 1 & 2 come in from my board edge while Unit 3 deepstrikes.

1st mission was versus Tyranids with Spearhead deployment, three objectives (one in the center of each table quarter except for the defender's... I was the defender by the way). Night Fight was in effect all game. I won the roll and opted to go second (defender) and put my entire army in reserve. Here is Dustin's list:

Alpha Warrior (dual bone swords, adrenal glands, syctal)
8x Warriors (death spitters & rending claws)
12x genestealers w. Broodlords
12x termigaunts
10x Yrmgal genestealers
3x Zoanthropes
2x Hive Guard
Trygon (regen & adrenal glands & scytal)
10x gargoyles

Dustin was my toughest opponent of the day and played very well. I like his list a lot. My strategy was to focus on first killing the big three - Tervigon, Trygon and Tyrannofex. The Tervi can poop troops so he definitely had to go first! The Trygon could butcher my units if it charged and the Trannie could pop my skimmers and also butcher my units. I would then next focus on systematically killing his troops knowing that the Alpha Warrior joined to the Warriors was going to be a hard nut to track. I was also worried about the two units of genestealers as they are no slouches either.

Dustin obviously castled in his DZ holding both units of genestealers in reserve. He remained castled up his first turn. I had nothing to bring on the first turn.

Second turn in came both units of genestealers, one outflanking into my the table quarter in front of me while the Yrmgal genestealers appeared in a cluster of terrain also in the same table quarter. Fortunately for me Dustin felt bold and started to push up his units into the same table quarter as his genestealers to support them. This meant I would be able to selectively assault the units I deemed the highest threats first. Both of my Stormravens came in from reserve as well as the Chaplain with his DC. Both my fliers came in 6"  onto my board edge so I could fire all their guns. The Chaplain deepstruck back deep in Dustin's table quarter behind his termigaunts. One dread disembarked to charge the genestealers while the other dread disembarked to charge the Tervi. Astrorath and his DC disembarked to charge the Trygon. All shooting was focused on the Trannie and it was destroyed. 1st DC dread mulched the genestealers. Astorath and his DC killed the Trygon on the charge. The second DC dread took down the Tervigon. So I had dropped the big three right off the bat and killed one unit of genestealers... Didn't have to worry about the Tervigon pooping gaunts anymore ! The Chaplain and his squad ran back deeper into the far corner of the opposite table quarter to hopefully draw the gaunts and gargoyles away from synapse range. It was a great turn but I still had a lot of bugs left to kill, needing to focus on the Warriors and gaunts next.

3rd turn saw the gaunts and gargoyles head over to intercept my Chaplain and his squad as I was hoping would happen. Hive Guard shot down one DC dread while the Zoies were unable to take out the second dread. Yrmgal genestealers then assaulted the second dreadnaught and tore off both of his arms, remaining locked up in close combat. Gaunts shot at my Chaplain and his squad then charged them, killing them all except for the Chaplain (Urides) and the DC Marine with the power fist. I was able to score more wounds in close combat, the gaunts were outside of synapse range and broke, fleeing off the table.

My turn both Stormravens focused fire on the Warriors and killed four due to ID. Lemartes and his squad bravely charged the Yrmgal genestealers and slew them all while Lemartes took a wound (yipee !!) and I lost a couple of DC from that squad in return. Astorath and his DC charged the Alpha Warrior and the Warriors... Asorath killed the Alpha Warrior while the power weapon attacks and power fist finished off the Warriors. Urides and his lone DC Marine went after the gargoyles, broke them in close combat and they fled off the table. Now all that was left were the Zoies and Hive Guard. The next turn the Hive Guard destroyed one of my Stormravens and the Zoies destroyed the armless dread. It was a mop up operation at this point and I was able to quickly eradicate the remainder of the Tyranid forces.

Result - Massacre with full points.


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