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Sunday, August 01, 2010

BoLScon report

Here is my list (2000 points):

Commander Dante
The Sanguinor

Furioso dreadnaught/extra armor, Blood Talons, heavy flamer
Sanguinary Priest/infernus pistol & power sword, jump pack
Chaplain/infernus pistol, jump pack

Sanguinary Guard/Banner, 2x infernus pistol, power fist
10x assault Marine/2x meltagun, thunderhammer & stormshield

6x Vanguard Veteran/3x lightning claw & stormshield, bolt pistol & chainsword, infernus pistol & power weapon, thunderhammer & stormshield (sergeant)

Stormraven/extra armor, twin linked multi-melta & twin linked lascannon

This was the seven game GT with four games on Saturday and another three today. It was one heck of a tournament, in fact it was by far my favorite I have ever attended. The BoLS guys are awesome people. I believe there was over 150 playing in the GT and only the top 25 percent could make the cut into the upper bracket for the second day.

I have been agonizing over my list and ended up going with what I thought would be the most fun to play. My army ended up doing well overall and I quite happy with the results. Here is a synopsis of my games:

• 1st round versus Blood Angels
- my opponent is very new to the game so I had got the luck of the draw. He was running the Sanguinor with 6 full assault squads - 2x meltagun & power fist per unit. He didn't have any long ranged firepower so the Stormraven was pretty much untouchable. I mounted the Sanguinor and the dreadnaught in the Stormraven. I won this game by a massacre scoring full points.

• 2nd round versus Blood Angels
This opponent had a scary list - three squads of five assault Marines with meltagun in razorbacks with twin linked assault cannon, 10 assault Marines with two meltas & a powerfist, flamestorm Baal predator, Librarian, Priest, Stormraven, etc. I had some amazing luck with the dice this game as I was both undermanned and outgunned. I ended up with a major win.

• 3rd round versus Space Wolves
This was a very novel army - Logan Grimnar, Rune Priest, six squads of Wolfguard with storm bolters and two cyclone missile launchers per unit. I ended up with a draw this game.

• 4th round versus mechdar
Awesome opponent. He had four scoring units in serpents. I managed to kill three of them but his last scoring unit made it out alive conga lining to hold two objectives while my Sanguinary Guard only held one. Very smart player who probably had it all figured out before we rolled the first dice. Well at least I made him sweat a bit.

So that was the end of the first day - two wins, a draw and a loss. I had done well enough to make it into the championship round. Today I faced off against a Vulcan army (major win), Blood Angels yet again (massacre) and finally mech IG for a draw. I had some really hot dice until the last the last game so I can't complain about my luck. To be honest I am surprised I did as well as I did. It was a great time and I can't ever remember playing so many awesome people. I will definitely be back next year again.

Got to spend some quality time with Brent from Strictly Average... Good guy for sure. Also got to finally meet Tasty Taste, very surprised to discover he's not Asian.


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