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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Drop Pod Space Marines RTT results (Torrent of Fire glitches)

I attended an 1850 point RTT over at Anthem Games in Tampa yesterday. We had 16 players show up and used Torrent of Fire to run the event. There were a couple of wonky things with the ToF software that caught my attention—I'll cover those later. Here is my army list:

Primary Detachment - Ultramarines
Marneus Calgar - terminator suit

5x Honor Guard - 5x power axe
Drop Pod (#1)

5x tactical Marine - plasmagun
Sergeant - combi-plasma
Drop Pod (#2)

5x tactical Marine - plasmagun
Sergeant - combi-plasma
Drop Pod (#3)

5x Sternguard - 4x combi-melta, heavy flamer
Drop Pod (#4)

5x Devastator - 4x missile launcher + flakk
Drop Pod (#5)

Allied Detachment - Space Wolves
Rune Priest - terminator suit

8x Grey Hunter - plasmagun, plasma pistol, power axe, wolf standard
Drop Pod (#6)

8x Grey Hunter - plasmagun, plasma pistol, power axe, wolf standard
Drop Pod (#7)

I really like this list a lot and it performed well. I've got enough pods I can cover the areas of the board that need the most attention and four pods coming in on turn 1 is hot. Tigerius let's you reroll reserves so it's likely you'll get at least two more the second turn. I like to go second for the objective grabs plus it negates one shooting phase for your opponent. Versus eldar I'd probably want to go first to deny their jink saves... Same versus White Scars as well.

The first game was versus pulse bomb Tau with Farsight. Most of my opponent's army was deployed behind an Aegis Defense Line. First turn was a fantastic alpha strike with Marneus' squad grabbing the Relic, which held onto throughout the course of the game. The Rune Priest sniped a missileside unit first turn with Jaws which is exactly what I needed. Big win.

The second game was kill points versus Orks... Another big win. This game the battle points were tied directly to kill points so slipped a bit in the standings but was still in the top four.

The third and last game was versus a Chaos Daemon flying circus with five monstrous creatures including Be'lakor. This mission was asymmetrical where you start to accumulate battle points at the beginning of turn 2 for objectives you held. This was easily the toughest game. My opponent only had two scoring units and his Portaglyph had a bad scatter plus nothing ever came out of it. I ended up killing four of the five MCs, shooting them all down over the course of the game. The Devastators were MVP taking a heavy toll on the MCs. The Rune Priest also did quite well blocking a good number of maledictions plus Living Lightning also punished the MCs as well.

So 3-0 and I had the second highest score for battle points... But somehow ToF ended up ranking me as third place with second place going to a player with a 2-1 record—doesn't seem right. Also the second game even though I was ranked number 2 I was paired up against a player that had lost his first round game... I would have much rather played one of the other top ranked players. Overall I like ToF but these two glitches seem pretty bad for a competitive event. I sent a message to ToF to let them know - hopefully these will be addressed soon.

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