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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Crucible Round 1 - Nurgle vs. ScreamerStar (Part 3)

Turn 3 Chaos Daemons
His Heldrake and second Plaguebearer squad both arrive from reserve. His Heldrake vector strikes mine—one penetrating hit, I fail the invulnerable save and he rolls a 6 on the armor penetration table to destroy it. The Plaguebearers deep strike onto another objective marker with minimal scatter. Fateweaver re-enters the battlefield from Ongoing Reserves and makes a bee line towards the center of the table.

Be'lakor casts Hallucinate on my Chaos Daemon Prince and I fail to Deny the Witch. The Prince has a Bale Sword so if a wound gets past its invulnerable save it's over... Of course I fail the save but manage not to wound—that was a close call. Be'lakor then attempts to cast Invisibility on the Flesh Hounds but fails on an 11. Fateweaver casts Flickering Fire on the Great Unclean One but this time I manage to Deny the Witch.

The Cultists move away from the Great Unclean One but don't go far due to a low roll for Move through Cover. The first Plaguebearer squad moves away from my Chaos Daemon Prince.

Combat ensues...

Again the CSM Daemon Prince rolls high for his Daemon Weapon Mastery test and proceed to cut down more of the Flesh Hounds. The Flesh Hounds focus their attacks on the Plague Marines again but fail to inflict any damage. The Plague Marines strike back and take down another hound. The Flesh Hounds then lose a couple more due to their Instability Test... There are less than a handful left.

ScreamerStar wipes out the two Plague Marines and consolidate around the rhino but can't completely close it off.

Turn 3 Chaos Space Marines
My second Heldrake arrives from reserve along with my Plaguebearers. The Heldrake vector strikes the ScreamerStar as it passes over head toward the far side of the table and actually manages to inflict one wound on a Screamer. My Plaguebearers successfully execute a deep strike into the same building as the Cultists.

Both the Great Unclean One and my Chaos Daemon Prince successfully cast Enfeeble on my my opponent's first Plaguebearer squad and he fails to deny either malediction. My CSM Daemon Prince casts Gift of Contagion on the Flesh Hounds but they pass their 4+ Deny the Witch (Collars of Khorne).

The Great Unclean One shambles over towards the Cultists inside the building ready to launch an assault. My Chaos Daemon Prince enters glide mode and lands beside the enfeebled enemy Plaguebearers with the same intent in mind.

The Chaos Lord and his Plague Marines remain embarked within the rhino which backs up just over inch from the table edge to prevent the ScreamerStar from close hatching them in case they wreck the transport the next turn... This will keep them from being destroyed for two more turns—I'm taking a gamble my opponent will go after them next turn rather than go assist the last of the Flesh Hounds.

The Great Unclean One casts Life Leech on the Cultists and drops one. The Chaos Daemon Prince does the same and drops two Plaguebearers. The Plague Marines fire out from the hatch of the rhino at the ScreamerStar along with the transport but fail to inflict any damage. That's it for the shooting phase.

Both the Great Unclean One and the Chaos Daemon Prince both make their charges wiping out the Cultists and the Plaguebearers (i.e., swept and a high roll for the instability test). The CSM Daemon Prince and Plague Marines wipe out all but one last Flesh Hound.

More to follow.

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