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Thursday, March 06, 2014

Crucible Round 1 - Nurgle vs. ScreamerStar (Part 4)

Mid Game Analysis
I always consider the fourth turn critical in a close game. You really need to put yourself in a solid position to win.

At this point both of our scoring units are rapidly dwindling so I've really got to think about what I need to do in order to achieve the primary objective. It's already pretty much been determined we will draw on the tertiary since I've destroyed my marked enemy unit and my opponent should easily be able to claim his via the Heldrake... So I want to make sure I focus on killing all his scoring units and preserve one of mine—I've got a trick up my sleeve though so let's see how it plays out. Time is running out so we'll probably only make it through the fifth turn.

Turn 4 Chaos Daemons
My opponent has some bad dice mojo to start off the turn... Grimoire fails to go off on the ScreamerStar even with Fateweaver's re roll. The Tzeentch Herald casting Forewarning perils (snake eyes) and takes a wound, so only 4++ for the ScreamerStar. I then deny every malediction Kairos and Be'lakor attempt to cast on my CSM Daemon Prince... w00t !! Another Tzeentch Herald chucks out the Portaglyph and it scatters a good distance away from the open objective marker he was planning to capture.

My opponent first moves his ScreamerStar towards my last intact rhino holding my Warlord (Chaos Lord) and Plague Marines... This is exactly what I hoped he'd do ! His Heldrake zooms over to my Plaguebearers—oh well I could see that coming a mile away. Kairos and Be'lakor both decide to play it safe and remain aloft swooping to the middle of the table. His last scoring unit (Plaguebearers) move away from my Chaos Daemon Prince while remaining with 3" of the objective marker.

His Heldrake crisps all my Plaguebearers in one shot and Flickering Fire from the ScreamerStar cracks open the last rhino. The ScreamerStar then assaults it's occupants and my meltagun obliterates one of his Tzeentch Heralds on Overwatch (no more Grimoire now... Heh heh). I actually win the combat taking no wounds on my Warlord and two Screamers are vaporized by the Instability test bringing them down to around five left from the original nine.

More to follow.

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