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Saturday, March 08, 2014

Crucible Round 1 - Nurgle vs. ScreamerStar (Part 5) End Game

Turn 5 Chaos Daemons
My opponent's Heldrake zooms over vector striking and torching my Plague Marines holding an objective marker... Gone. : '(

Be'lakor finally drops down into glide mode and will issue a challenge to my CSM Daemon Prince. Again my CSM Prince denies Flickering Fire cast his way from Fateweaver. A squad of five daemonettes pop out from the Portaglyph and with their +3" run just manage to grab the objective marker my Plague Marines had held... Oh well... Should have seen that coming.

Onto assault... After trading blows with the ScreamerStar I am down to my Warlord (full wounds) and two Plague Marines. I manage to take down another Screamer and they remain locked. Be'lakor and my CSM Daemon Prince trade blows—I reduce Be'lakor to his final wound and he passes his Toughness test.

Turn 5 Chaos Space Marines
First my Chaos Daemon Prince drops down to glide mode to assault the daemonettes. My Heldrake drops into hover mode closing in on the daemonettes as well. The Heldrake then flamers the Slaaneshi lesser daemons but they pass a good number of invulnerable saves and are still holding the objective marker. The Chaos Daemon Prince slams into and finishes off the daemonettes. My CSM Daemon Prince can't get through Be'lakor's 4++ invulnerable save so they remained locked. My Warlord issues a challenge which is accepted by a Tzeentch Herald—the Chaos Lord drags him down and one Plague Marine manages to survive.

The game is called for time. This mission the primary objective was Big Guns Never Tire so my Chaos Daemon Prince scores the one objective marker and I end up barely winning the game. It was too close for comfort and the Prince was quite lucky to have been spared nixing itself with its Bale Sword a couple turns back... His new nickname is Jason... Just needs a hockey mask now. :D The Bale Sword is super powerful but maybe better to leave home versus opponents with Hallucinate or Mindshackle Scarabs.

Post Game Analysis
My dice were hot this game and I was able to Deny the Witch a several key points during the game. I felt my plan with the Warlord and Plague Marines was well executed... They effectively tar-pitted the ScreamerStar for the majority of the game and actually beat the snot out of them. My CSM Daemon Prince took down the DogStar with a little help from his friends, the Plague Marines... So I was able to handle both deathstar units. DogStar without a Herald is not a true deathstar to be honest but they can still cause lots of problems. My MVP was the Chaos Daemon Prince who won the game for me and this was an oversight on the part of my opponent.

I ended up taking the award for best Chaos Space Marine army and my opponent this game took the award for best Daemon army, putting me up on top for Chaos in general. There weren't that many Chaos armies but both of us placed high overall so I'm happy with the results.

The next game saw me moving to the top table (by accident) versus a Necron army. More to follow.

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