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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Crucible Round 1 - Nurgle vs. ScreamerStar (Part 2) * Pix Added

- Assume tests for psychic powers are passed each turn unless otherwise noted.
- The Warp Storm produced negligible results throughout the game.

Turn 1 Chaos Daemons
The ScreamerStar heads directly towards the Plague Marines' rhinos. Fateweaver follows in their wake to support them. Be'lakor splits off from the pack turning back deeper into the daemons' deployment zone. The DogStar remains entrenched in the middle of the table and fan out. Flickering Fire is cast down focusing on one rhino and wrecks it for First Blood.

Turn 1 Chaos Space Marines
The two remaining rhinos shuffle back a bit into terrain and pop smoke... The Plague Marines and Chaos Lord exit out the back side using their transports to block line of sight from the incoming ScreamerStar. The Plague Marines from the wrecked transport duck deeper back behind line of sight blocking terrain, hooking around the terrain in an attempt to avoid a charge next turn from the ScreamerStar. Both Daemon Princes leave cover swooping away from the ScreamerStar, hugging the table edge, heading towards Be'lakor.

Turn 2 Chaos Daemons
The Cultists and one squad of Plaguebearers come in from reserve. The Cultists move onto the table headed towards the objective marker deep in the daemons' deployment zone while the Plaguebearers deep strike on top of the opposite objective marker on the same side of the table with minimal scatter.

The ScreamerStar moves up close towards the two remaining intact rhinos. Fateweaver exits the table and Be'lakor swoops back towards the Cultists to lend his support. The DogStar remains centrally located.

Flickering Fire and an assault by the ScreamerStar combine to wreck another rhino and strip two hull points from the last remaining transport.

Turn 2 Chaos Space Marines
One Heldrake and the Great Unclean One arrive from reserve. The Heldrake hugs a long table edge zooming 36" and will flat out another 12". The Great Unclean One deep strikes into a ruin close to the Cultists with minimal scatter.

The CSM Daemon Prince glides down beside the DogStar and the Plague Marines from the first wrecked rhino moves towards them as well. The Chaos Daemon Prince swoops towards the Plaguebearers. The squad of Plague Marines with the Chaos Lord embark into the last rhino. The third of squad of Plague Marines move directly towards the ScreamerStar, shooting them with their bolt pistols and meltagun but fail to inflict any damage.

The CSM Daemon Prince and first squad of Plague Marines both assault the DogStar. The CSM Daemon Prince rolls high for his daemon weapon mastery test... His Black Mace eliminates a few of the Flesh Hounds. The Flesh Hounds focus their attacks on the Plague Marines but only manage to kill one. The Plague Marines finally swing back and take down another Flesh Hound. The Flesh Hounds then lose a couple more due to their Instability Test.

The other squad of Plague Marines assault the ScreamerStar... Amazingly two of Nurgle's finest manage to survive, locking them.

More to follow soon.

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