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Monday, March 03, 2014

Crucible Round 1 - Nurgle vs. ScreamerStar (Part 1)

Armies were 2,000 points with double FOC and allies.

Here is my opponent's army list (to the best of my memory) from the first round. Last year I was the only undefeated player going into the final round and lost a very close game to him. So I threw down a challenge this year which he accepted being the true Chaos champion he is. I jokingly said this game could be another Friday the 13th Part Two—Jason slew the sole survivor from Part One during the opening scene. It wouldn't be easy though.

Here is my opponent's hybrid ScreamerStar—DogStar list with Be'lakor:

Daemons (Primary Detachment)

Kairos Fateweaver (Warlord)

3x Herald of Tzeentch on Discs - all the red hot schnizzle (Grimoire of True Names, Portaglyph) and all the right spells (Forewarning)

9x Screamer

16x Flesh Hound

10x Plaguebearer
10x Plaguebearer

Chaos Space Marines (Allied Detachment)

Be'lakor - Hallucinate, Invisibility, ?

10x Cultist

Heldrake - Bale Flamer

Here is my mono Nurgle army list:

Chaos Space Marines (Primary Detachment)

Chaos Lord - Mark of Nurgle, Sigil of Corruption

Deamon Prince - Nurgle, Wings, Armor, The Black Mace, Level 3 Psyker (Iron Arm, Endurance, Gift of Contagion), Spell Familiar

5x Plague Marine - Meltagun
Rhino - Dozer Blade

5x Plague Marine - Meltagun
Rhino - Dozer Blade

5x Plague Marine
Rhino - Dozer Blade

Heldrake - Bale Flamer

Heldrake - Bale Flamer

Daemons (Allied Detachment)

Great Unclean One - Level 3 Psyker (Enfeeble, Iron Arm, Life Leech), 2x Greater Reward (Armor, Bale Sword)

Daemon Prince - Nurgle, Wings, Armor, Level 3 Psyker (Endurance, Enfeeble, Life Leech), 2x Greater Reward (Bale Sword, Re-roll Invulnerable Saves)

10x Plaguebearer

Deployment - Hammer and Anvil

Primary Objective - 5 objective markers; one is placed in the center of each table quarter and the fifth one in the center of the table. Whomever controls the most wins. Heavy Support score. If neither player controls the majority then the primary is a draw. 8 victory points for a win and 4 victory points for a draw.

Secondary Objective - Each enemy scoring unit is worth 2 victory points if destroyed and 1 victory point if below 50 percent. 5 victory points for a win and 2 victory points for a draw.

Tertiary Objective - Select one enemy scoring unit; if you destroy your chosen enemy unit but your opponent doesn't its a win. If both players destroy their chosen enemy unit its a draw. 3 points for a win and 1 point for a draw.

Bonus Points - First Blood, Slay the Warlord, Line Breaker (1 victory point each)

I won the roll to choose my deployment zone and picked the side with the most terrain. I also won the roll to choose going first or second and opted for the latter.

My opponent aggressively deployed Fateweaver, Be'lakor, ScreamerStar and DogStar all right up on the front line—holding everything else in reserve.

I defensively deployed my three squads of Plague Marines (including the Chaos Lord attached to one squad) deep in one of my corners behind terrain... I wanted to keep them away from the ScreamerStar as long as possible. I also deployed both Princes, also hidden behind terrain. Everything else I held in reserve.

Pre Game Analysis
I knew this was going to be a really tough match ! My basic strategy was to draw the ScreamerStar towards my Plague Marines so that my Princes, Greater Daemon and Heldrakes could go after his scoring units with impunity. My opponent didn't have a lot of scoring units so I wanted to capitalize on that weakness. I would see where the DogStar moved and react accordingly. We both had a good number of highly mobile units so I knew the battle would unfold over the entire table.

More to come soon.

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