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Saturday, March 01, 2014

Day One Crucible Recap

Game 1 vs ScreamerStar... This was the guy I lost to in the last round the previous year... So I called him out and he accepted. It was a brutal game. He pulled every trick in the book but my Chaos Lord and Death Guard tarpit them all game removing them from the equation. My Princes and GUO fought on the ground killing and killing. In the end my Chaos Daemon Prince was a scoring unit (Big Guns Never Tire) locking up one objective for the win. It was like Friday the 13th Part 2... You think you got away fool, wrong !

Game 2 was versus Necrons... They kept making insane leadership tests (2s and 3s over and over again then all the toasterheads would get back up. Finally the last turn I ran down two Necron squads in melee for the win.

Game 3 versus almost an entire Tau army sitting on a Skyshield landing pad... Opponent was not fun guy to play.

I am up there in the high tier for day 2... Anything could happen.

Here is my abbreviated list:

Chaos Lord - Mark of Nurgle, Sigil

Deamon Prince - Black Mace

3x 5x Nurgle Marine - meltagun & rhino

2x Haledrake - bale flamer

Great Unclean One

Daemon Prince

10x Plaguebearer

Two more round to go tomorrow and I'm in striking distance for the top.

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