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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Back to Chaos

(1) I see Possessed as viable. They can beat down a Riptide or WK. It's kind of sad these two are at the top of the meta. ScreamerStar and Jetseer Council are both beatable purely using straight up solid tactics. It's all about the net list and deathstars right now—anti meta has never been stronger ever. Don't worry about the points... They score. Look at all the xenos players raking it in hand over fist with Riptides and Wraithknights. You get what you pay for in this game. Take cultists and lesser daemons to fill out your cheap scoring units... Nothing new there.

(2) More importantly Crimson Slaughter gives access to Divination - Scryer's Gaze is the wet dream for Chaos... All your Heldrakes come on turn two and you can keep your weak troops off the table until turn 4. This strategy is totally in line with the current meta.

(3) The 2+ armor save and ITWND will breathe live back into the Nurgle biker Lord and the Jugger Lord. There are other really great things too.

(3) If you play 2k with double FOC with allies then Chaos could be the strongest army with CSM/BL as the primary and Crimson Slaughter and Daemons as your two allied detachments. You can field both Be'lakor and Cypher.

Check this build out for a Chaos Lord - This is nuts with the relics provided in the new supplement:

Chaos Lord:
• Mark of Tzeentch
• Daemon Heart
• Blade of Relentless
• Sigil of Corruption
• Slaughter's Horns
• Bike

He has a 2+/3++/T5 with Rage, Furious Charge, and It Will Not Die... The sword can easily net Eternal Warrior... Just charge a big brick of cultists, guardians, Kroot or any other weak ass troop... pure gravy.

If you love Chaos there's never been a better time to play... Come on in, the water is just fine.

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