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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Crimson Slaughter Rules

- Harbingers of the Tormented
Your entire army has Fear. It's worded ALL MODELS. The idea of having someone assault your rhinos then somehow being smitten by abject terror is delicious. On a practical level, I see this being rather useful for Cultists at the very least.

- Slaves to the Voices
Your possessed are troops rather than Elites, and rather than Vessels of Chaos, they have a new table you roll at the beginning of your turn rather than beginning of combat.

1 = Spirit Beacon
Unit and any vehicle embarked on gains Shrouded til beginning of your next turn.

2 = Beast Form
Unit counts as Beasts until beginning of your next turn.

3 = Incorporeal Bodies
Unit gains Rending and invulnerable save increases to 3+

- Draznicht's Ravagers
You can upgrade a Chosen squad's aspiring Champion to Draznicht for +10 points. As long as he's alive, the entire unit gains Preferred Enemy. On a practical level, could be quite fun on Chosen spamming Plasma or Melta.

- Renegades of the Dark Millennium
Cannot take Veterans of the Long War on any unit except Khorne Berserkers, Plague Marines and Noise Marines.

You select from this table instead of from Codex: Chaos Space Marines.

Crozius of the Dark Covenant
Dark Apostles only, 30 points. Gives 6" bubble to the Zealot effect from Dark Apostles.

Blade of the Relentless
30 points, Chaos Lords only. Is just a basic power sword to begin with, but you mark how many kills it causes in a game. At 1 kill, gains +1 strength. 3 kills, goes to AP2. 5 kills, gains another +1 strength. 10 kills, gains instant death.

Slaughterer's Horns
15 points, user gains Rage, Furious Charge and Hammer of Wrath.

The Balestar of Mannon
25 points, sorcerers only. Lets you reroll failed psychic test, but you cannot Deny the Witch as though you were a Psyker. Also lets you roll on Divination table.

30 Points. user gets 2+ Armor and It Will Not Die. Can't give it to Daemon Princes. Essentially Artificer armor with It Will Not Die for an extra 10 points on top. Pretty cool, and has a lot of potential abusable builds with it. Definitely makes any biker/God Steed lords harder to take out.

Prophet of the Voices
30 points, gives Daemon special rule, Fleet and user rolls on the modified Possessed "Slaves to the Voices" chart. It restricts you to only being able to join units of Possessed.

Warlord Traits:

1) Murderous Hatred:
Warlord and unit he's joined to gain Hatred. Against Dark Angels, reroll all failed misses in all combats.

2) Maelstrom of Torment:
Enemy units within 12" of Warlord have -1 Leadership Penalty, and also -2 Penalty vs. Fear tests.

3) Maddened Rage:
Warlord gains Furious Charge and Rage. Downside is cannot shoot at and much charge any unit within 12".

4) Merciless Slaughter:
Warlord and any unit he is joined to has Crusader USR.

5) Spectral Assailants:
Enemy Models in base contact with Warlord take D6 S3 AP- hits at initiative step 10 in each assault phase.

6) Pall of Mist:
Warlord gains Shrouded.

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