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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Necron Portal List. 2.1 (2k)

Here is another crack at the second list. I've dropped the Overlord to free up points to include a Night Scythe for the Lychguard. They are lead by another Lord for the Warscythe and 4+ RP. I have also dropped the Canoptek Spyder and bumped the scarabs back to full strength.

185 HQ1 Nemesor Zandrekh: Res Orb
160 HQ2 Vargard Obyron: Ghostwalk Mantle

Royal Court
075 HQ3 Necron Lord (35): Warscythe (10), Res Orb (30)
075 HQ4 Necron Lord (35): Warscythe (10), Res Orb (30)
060 HQ5 Cryptek (25): Harbinger of Despair (5), Abysmal Staff, Veil of Darkness (30)
055 HQ6 Cryptek (25): Harbinger of Destruction (10), Eldritch Lance, Solar Pulse (20)

170 T1 10x Immortal: Tesla carbine
170 T2 10x Immortal: Gauss blaster
130 T3 10x Warrior: Gauss flayer

Here is how they are paired:

HQ1 (ROB) + HQ5 (VOD) + T2 (Gauss)
HQ2 (VOD) + HQ3 (ROB) + T1 (Tesla)

Again only two teleporting units. HQ4 attaches to Lychguard (directly below).

460 8x Lychguard: Hyperphase swords & Dispersion Shields + Night Scythe (100)

This forms up a strong mobile counter assault unit and should be fairly durable with one of the Necron Lords attached for the 4+ and a Warscythe.

Fast Attack
260 6x Canoptek Wraith (210): 4x Whip coil (40), 2x Particle caster (10)

150 10x Canoptek Scarab

Total = 1990 points

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