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Friday, November 25, 2011

An epic struggle for supremacy

I remember a boss once told me "You get taken out when you get fat dumb and lazy". It's very true and I've seen it happen so many times. Whatever happened to the Romans with their mighty legions? Whatever happened to Alexander the Great? Once you lose your edge it can be hard to get it back and then sometimes it's too late - you get taken out.

Consider this - we all play a game where luck can and does make or break you. It is what it is. If you are a competitive gamer I think it's very important to test yourself. Sure a top tier lists like Grey Knights or Imperial Guard is hard to beat... Same thing for Space Wolves. I have been told more than once that you have to bring a top tier list to beat other top tier lists. How boring would the game if those were the only three armies everyone plays. Who is to truly say that Tyranids or dark eldar can't conistently beat the top tier lists? Some people are already writing off Necrons as a non competive list or stating they a spoiler army at best - I don't believe it. It will take some time to validate these statements as true or false... For now it's too early to say.

Certainly Imperial Guard, Grey Knights and Space Wolves are well proven and fill the top tier but they can be beaten. It can be quite refreshing to play other armies though and it's helps a lot to expand your tactical acumen. Recently Nick Rose (Darkwynn) from BoLS won two major GTs back to back with Black Templars. Kenny Boucher (3skullz) from 40k Wrecking Crew took second best overall at the Feast of Blades with daemons. It can be done.

I distinctly remember Draigowing as being commonly derided as a non competitive army then in less than the span of a week they were suddenly labeled totally WAAC after Alan Hernandez (Blackmoor) rolled through the top tables at NOVA this past summer with his brand of Draigowing. I used to write lots of articles about Draigowing but there is a lot of hate out there so I decided to try my hand at Tyranids, an army that has been labeled as non competitive by the Internet.

Question the authority of the Internet and think outside the box. You'll be glad ya did. Well at least it seems to work for me.


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