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Monday, November 14, 2011

Necron Canoptek List 1.0 (2000)

I was talking to a good friend this afternoon who has playtested a similar list to the one presented below. He has won some big events in the past and gave this list his blessing. He wrecked quite a few armies over the weekend testing this out. There is lots of synergy here and this might be one of the better builds until everyone figures out what's going on.

HQ - 360
225 Imotekh the Stormlord

Provides potentially multiple turns of night fight to give you time (if necessary) to properly position your scarabs - an obvious choice. His lightning wrecks mech... Random but still great versus parking lots.

Royal Court - 135
075 Necron Lord (35): Warscythe (10) & Res Orb (30)
060 Cryptek (25) - Harbinger of Despair (5): Abyssal Staff & Veil of Darkness (30)

Protection for Imotekh keeping him out of harm's way. Attach the HQ to one of the Immortal squads.

Troops - 510
170 10x Immortal: Tesla Carbine
170 10x Immortal: Telsa Carbine
170 10x Immortal: Gauss Blaster

Some people are on the fence about this unit and Tesla carbines in general - I kept my ratio at 2:1 (Tesla to Gauss) to keep my options open. The HQ can go with the blaster unit since Imotekh is a Phaeron to simulate one shot carbines when outside of rapid fire range.

Elites - 260
260 C'Tan Shard (185): Grand Illusion (40) & Writhing Worldscape (35)

Being able to redeploy your scarabs and possibly the Wraiths can be huge. Vehicles on average will fail dangerous terrain tests every one out of three times plus it's going to be pure hell on enemy infantry whenever they have to slog it.

Fast Attack - 560
150 10x Canoptek Scarab
150 10x Canoptek Scarab

The verdict is in now... Scarabs are the bomb. Sure they don't like S6+ but if they go to ground they've got a 2++ cover save being swarms. You'll either have to get up close to use templates or engage them in melee with S6+ attacks.

260 6x Canoptek Wraith (210): 4x Whip Coil (40) & 2x Particle Caster (10)

This is your heavy hitting dedicated melee unit plus they work well when combined with the scarabs.

Heavy Support - 300
150 3x Canoptek Spyder
150 3x Canoptek Spyder

Their main purpose is obvious - generate more scarabs to extend their reach. They will also provide an excellent shield for the HQ and Immortals.

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