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Sunday, November 06, 2011

1st Necron army list (2000 points)

- HQ -
Necron Overlord: warscythe, res orb, tachyon arrow, Phaeron (180) {H1}
Nemesor Zahdrekh (180) {H2}
Vargard Obyron (160) {H3}

1st Royal Court
Necron Lord: warscythe, res orb (75) {H4}
Cryptek - Harbinger of Despair: veil of darkness (55) {H5}

2nd Royal Court
Cryptek - Harbinger of Despair: veil of darkness (55) {H6}

- Troops -
10x Immortal: tesla carbines (170) {T1}
10x Immortal: gauss blasters (170) {T2}
10x Immortal: gauss blasters (170) {T3}

The units above are paired up as follows:

H1 + H5 + T2
H2 + H6 + T3
H3 + H4 + T1

All there combined units have Veil of Darkness and the Res Orb plus the first unit is relentless as well.

- Elite -
C'Tan Shard: writhing worldscape, grand illusion (260)

- Fast Attack -
5x Wraith: whip coils, 2x particle caster (235)

8x Scarab (285)

- Heavy Support -
3x Spyder (150)

90 points left to play with... Will probably take a Cryptek (Harbinger of Destruction) with a solar plus.

Very mobile army, no vehicles (YAY!!!), solid dedicated melee units plus lots of nasty tricks.

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