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Monday, November 07, 2011

Necron List (2k) version 1.01 w. new commentary

I have decided to drop the C'Tan after speaking with some friends. I'm not sure exactly what I will do with these points... I could take another squad of scarabs but really I think one is enough for now. Supposedly the Deathmarks are very hot so I am considering taking them when sixth edition is released. A big block of Warriors and a Monolith is yet another consideration.

- HQ -
Necron Overlord: Phaeron, warscythe, res orb, tachyon arrow, phase shifter, weave (240) {H1}
Nemesor Zahdrekh (180) {H2}
Vargard Obyron (160) {H3}

1st Royal Court
Necron Lord: warscythe, res orb (75) {H4}
Cryptek - Harbinger of Despair: veil of darkness (55) {H5}

2nd Royal Court
Cryptek - Harbinger of Despair: veil of darkness (55) {H6}

- Troops -
10x Immortal: tesla carbines (170) {T1}
10x Immortal: gauss blasters (170) {T2}
10x Immortal: gauss blasters (170) {T3}

The units above are paired up as follows:

H1 + H5 + T2
H2 + H6 + T3
H3 + H4 + T1

All there combined units have Veil of Darkness and the Res Orb plus the first unit is relentless as well. If you remember how nasty was one squad of Immortals teleporting this is 3x the pain. Nemesor can boost a squad with Tank Hunter making those Tesla carbines S6 and better able to crack light armor. The Wraiths are really good this time, even better than before... They can work well versus mech in conjunction with the scarabs... Nemesor buffs the scarabs with furious charge so they strike first versus armor inflicting damage via Entropic Strike then the Wraiths cut right them like tin foil - this tactic came from another club member of 40kWC.

I would like to take a wide array of choices to keep the army balanced rather than say spam scarabs.

- Fast Attack -
5x Canoptek Wraith: whip coils, 2x particle caster (235)

10x Canoptek Scarab (150)

- Heavy Support -
3x Canoptek Spyder (150)

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