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Monday, November 21, 2011

Draigowing (2.5k) and Tyranids (2k) lists for Holiday Throw Down

I will be traveling down to Fort Lauderdale later this week to get in a few games with my good 40kWC buddy Brian Poole. My car is already loaded full of booze. We will have two matches both using the BeakyCon mission:

Grey Knights vs. Chaos Space Marines (2.5k)
Tyranids vs. Blood Angels (2k)

Here is a link to Brian's army lists:

Brian's Army Lists

Here is my Draigowing list:

Librarian - Dark Excommunication, Might of Titans, Quicksilver, Sanctuary, Shrouding, Warp Time, Master Crafted Warding Stave, 2x servo skull

10x Paladin:
01) Psycannon & daemonhammer
02) MC Psycannon  & daemonhammer
03) Psycannon  & MC daemonhammer
04) Psycannon & sword
05) Falchions & stormbolter
06) MC Falchions & stormbolter
07) Falchions & MC stormbolter
08) Sword & stormbolter
09) Warding Stave & stormbolter
10) Brotherhood banner

- psybolt ammo

10x GKT:
Justicar Thawn
2x daemonhammer
2x psycannon & halberd
5x halberd

- psybolt ammo

NDK - personal teleporter & heavy incinerator

2x psyfleman
Venerable psyfleman

Sick stuff for sure !!

Here is my Tyranid genestealer cult list:

14x Genestealer - Toxin Sacs & Scything Talons

10 Ymgarl Genestealer Brood

Tyranid Prime - Pair of Bone Swords, Scything Talons & Adrenal Glands
10x Hormagaunt Brood - Adrenal Glands

3x Tyranid Warrior - Bone Swords, 2x Deathspitter, Barbed Strangler & Adrenal Glands
Mycetic Spore

18x Termagant - Devourer
Mycetic Spore

The Doom of Malan'tai
Mycetic Spore

Trygon Prime - Adrenal Glands

Trygon Prime - Adrenal Glands

2x Zoanthrope
Mycetic Spore

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