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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Increase the value of your gaming time

Reposted from Laughter of the Thirsting God ...

One way to increase the value of your gaming time is by helping out an opponent that is not as experienced as you are. Assuming you aren't in a tournament(or even if you are if you like a challenge) give pointers to your opponent so that the game isn't a waste of time. Many players gleefully rub their hands together and chuckle evilly when witnessing a rookie making a game losing mistake. Mistakes in the  deployment phase can lead to a game that is almost a foregone conclusion. Go ahead and educate them a little so that you don't waste an hour or more of your time. In these kind of games there is simply no sport, so be a good sport and ask them if they are sure they want to do that. While it is true that they would learn a little more from experience than having their potential error explained to them they will have plenty of other opponents to let them fumble around and you will be wasting less of your own time.

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