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Friday, July 15, 2011

My recommendations for next year's WarGamesCon 40k GT

Here are my suggestions to improve the event. Last year I asked that killpoints be included and I think that was well received this year. These suggestions are all constructive and geared towards making the event a better measure of competitive play:

1) Keep the army lists at 2000 points. Going lower gives an advantage to MSU style armies. They already have enough in my opinion. I really don't want to play at any less except for local events.

2) There is in general still not enough terrain on the tables. I liked what I saw for the Mirror Match - that is the standard I would try to shoot for next year on the top tables.

3) Add an extra 1/2 hour to each round. I think the TOs have realized this year that not everyone can finish a game in 2 hours.

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