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Sunday, July 10, 2011

2nd day GT report from Austin

Mechanized dark eldar won best overall and Salamanders won best overall. Orks won second place for best overall. Orks did very well overall. I was told by the TOs that Grey Knights were the most popular army followed by Blood Angels. There was a huge drop off in the number of IG and SW armies this year.

Here are my results to the best of my recollection:

1st round vs. Grey Knights (MSU)
Dawn of War deployment
Draw on Primary - Seize Ground (if Thawn had gotten back up I've have won the primary)
Win on Secondary - Annihilation
Draw on Tertiary - Table Quarters

2nd round vs. Dark Eldar (webway portal spam)
Spearhead deployment
Draw on Primary - Capture & Control
Draw on Secondary - Seize Ground
Draw on Tertiary - Kill opponent's least expensive unit

This game only got through four turns. My opponent was not slow playing though, he had a lot of big units that took a lot of time to move, shoot and assault. I was slaughtering the dark eldar in my shooting phases and melee - highlight of the game was Grey Knight terminators charged by a Talos and large squad of Wyches... Forced weaponed the Talos with a halberd before it could swing and broke the Wyches.

3rd round vs. Orks (mech)
Pitched Battle deployment
Win on Primary - Annilihation
Lose on Secondary - Seize Ground
Lose on Tertiary - Control the most pieces of terrain

4th round vs. Orks (foot slogging)
Dawn of War deployment
Win on Primary - Annilihation
Win on Secondary - Capture & Control
Draw on Tertiary - Kill the most expensive enemy HQ

- end of day 1 -

5th round vs. Dark Eldar (mech)
Spearhead deployment
Lose on Primary - Seize Ground
Lose on Secondary - Capture & Control
Lose on Tertiary - Have the most scoring units in the enemy deployment zone

This game ended after the fifth turn - one more turn and I think I could have drawn on the primary and secondary. Mech dark eldar is by far my worst matchup as I have no shooting over 24"... The paper airplanes flew circles around my army then moved in the fifth turn to take and contest objectives.

6th round versus Blood Angels (hybrid)
Dawn of War deployment
Win on Primary - Annilihation
Draw on Secondary - Capture & Control
Win on Tertiary - Have the highest number of scoring units left at the end of the game

7th Round vs. Tyranids (Swarmlord)
Loss on Primary - Seize Ground
Win on Secondary - Anniliation
Draw on Tertiary - Destroy the enemy most expensive unit

This game also ended after the fifth turn. Had it gone one more turn I think I could have either won or drawn on the primary. The Doom came down on the third turn and did a substantial amount of damage to one of my Paladin combat squads... That hurt a bit but there was not much I could do and rolled high on the leadership tests.

- end of day 2 -

Primary: 3 W - 2 D - 2 L
Secondary: 3 W - 2 D - 2 L
Tertiary: 1 W - 4 D - 2 L

So overall a slightly winning record but only two big wins over the course of both days and no massacres... Not nearly the same level of success as my BA DoA last year but I didn't have nearly as much play testing under my belt with Draigowing going into to the GT this year. I tended to play defensively and looking back now I see that need to play more aggressively like I did versus the second Ork army and the Blood Angels. Playing defensively hurt me in the three games that didn't get past a fourth or fifth turn. Overall I like Draigowing better as it has a counter to most every other army except for mech dark eldar. I see this year at WGC mostly as a learning experience. I will definitely be taking the army to another big event this year - probably Tacticon in September.

Here is my list I ran:

Lord Khaldor Draigos
Librarian - Nemesis warding stave, Might of Titans, Quicksilver, Sanctuary, Shrouding & Warp Time

10x Grey Knight Terminator incl. Justicar Thawn - 2x psycannon, 6x Nemesis force halberd, 2x Nemesis daemonhammer & Nemesis warding stave; psybolt ammo

10x Paladin - 4x psycannon, 4x daemonhammer, 3x Nemesis force flachions & Nemesis warding stave; psybolt ammo

Landraider Crusader - psybolt ammmo

At the end of today Romeo of Battlefoam was kind enough to present me with an award... I think that was very nice of him and it's appreciated.

I'll try to write some batreps this week for the games I enjoyed the most.

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