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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dark eldar unit analysis - min|maxed Warriors vs large squads

Let's take a look at the current net list approach to dark eldar Warriors versus a large squad. I'm not going to compare the points for the different options - rather I'll stick to what I perceive as the basic strengths and weaknesses to each approach.

Net List Min|Max
5x Warrior - blaster
Venom - 2x splinter cannon

Large Unit
9x Warrior - splinter cannon & blaster
Syrabite - venom blade & splinter pistol
Raider - flickerfield

The first unit can supress enemy armor if fielded in large numbers (4-5 units) and is excellent versus enemy infantry due to the venom with dual splinter cannons. This approach relies upon fielding a large number of like units to present the opponent with too many units to accurately select their primary targets. One unit as such by itself it very easy to eliminate and does not present much of a threat. The Warriors are only Ld8 and will quickly fold to one squad of tactical Marines rapid firing their bolters... The venom is also very easy to eliminate as well.

The second squad is more expensive points wise so you will have to field a lesser number of scoring units if you opt to go this route. On the flip side this squad can also produce a high number of wounds versus infantry with splinter weapons albeit overall at a shorter range. This unit is better though at holding objectives and better at suppressing enemy armor. This unit is also better in close combat versus enemy units such as guardsmen and gaunts. We all know that according to the interwebs Tyranids are not competitive but I have to say damned if I don't see them a lot at tournaments (large or small).

The first unit is very popular and I recognize that fact but it doesn't necessarily mean it's the more competitive choice. Many times my large units of Warriors have helped me to win games and I think this is due to their greater versatility. The main problem with the first unit is the Warriors are only good versus armor, you're still first relying upon a 3+ to hit with the single blaster and the venom is only effective versus infantry. I think the first unit will struggle more versus mech armies due to the inherent singularities of a small squad of Warriors with an at best Ld8 could with a transport that is only effective versus infantry. The venom is really good for the points and is definitely one of the best units in the codex but I think it can be better utilized than for just transporting small squads of Warriors.

As an aside typically when I lose with dark eldar it is simply due to me underestimating my opponent's army... It happens unfortunately. I think I would have been in a better position to win if I'd have had more respect for these opponents. As is every serious gamer I think it's very important to respect what every enemy army can bring and realize what they can do to hurt you. If you simply rely upon the dice to win you could be in store for some serious pain. Sometimes all those blasters and dark lances will harmlessly bounce off enemy armor and you'll should have a contingency plan in place when that happens.

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