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Friday, October 01, 2010

Sanguinary Guard Project Part IV * Neophyte

The Neophyte

Andromeda is the newest edition to the Blood Saint's Sanguinary Guard and is also currently the youngest. Andromeda served as a terminator first before being called to join this most elite cadre. Andromeda is haunted by dark visions of death and seems to have a touch of pre sight. Often either the Chapter Master or Bellum Aquila will confer with him on the eve of battle to learn if his latest vision might shed some useful insight. Great things are expected of Andromeda and it is thought by many that he will one day advance to the rank of Captain if he can survive long enough.


Da Masta Cheef said...

Ummm, question on your banner, shouldn't that be '...home of 'THE' black...'

When I saw that I immediately thought of my originally posted DLWDG banner in which I had the 'L' & 'W' reversed.

(awesome job on that mini btw)

Black Blow Fly said...

I have dyslexia and often misspell that word, so it is intentionally spelt as such for a personal touch.

: )