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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Sanguinary Guard Project Part VI * Standard Bearer Fidelis

Initiate Fidelis
Brother Fidelis is the Chapter's Standard Bearer. Fidelis has the great honor of carrying the holy standard into battle and is a focal point for the entire army. The standard was woven back on Baal Secundus by a blind Saint using long strands of highly polished gold intertwined with raw platinum. The Chapter insignia is the symbol for infinity and hides a divine mystery dating back to ancient Terra, which is only learned when a privileged battle brother joins the rank of Sanguinary Guard and is raised to the rank of an Initiate. As long as the standard is held aloft by Brother Fidelis the Blood Saints will not break. The role of the standard bearer is very dangerous as the veteran must fight with only one free gauntlet and many have died serving in this function. Brother Fidelis' Angelus Bolter is mounted on his free wrist, he is so adept that he can both shoot and fight with his Glaive Encarmine using the same arm. Only the bravest veterans are selected as the Standard Bearer and upon death in battle another black candle is lit back on Baal Secundus byCommander Dante to pay homage to their great valor. Brother Fidelis seems to have an uncanny lucky streak, often surviving extreme misfortune by some odd twist of fate, and has served as the Standard Bearer longer than any other before him.

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