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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Not another rant really - the state of the game where we stand now

Well I have to be honest and say I hate MSU armies. It's just not my style. That said I am okay with people playing them, I don't expect people to play my elite lists. My only complaint is when a tourney features a host of missions that favor one style of play such as MSU. I have to say I think VP favors MSU and was not intended as a primary win condition for 5ed. I know a lot of people hate KP but I see this as balance. In my mind a GT should feature missions with a variety of primary goals. Playing basically the same mission five to six times in a row is boring and obviously encourages one style over everything else. If you just want to play one win condition then sure it's easy to say some armies suck a long prong. Now if there was truly a variety of win conditions and a win is a win pure and simple versus the old battle points approach then we would see a broader spectrum of armies doing well. It's when only style of list can churn out massacre/win after massacre/win that I have to say something stinks. See it doesn't matter what system you advocate if it all just boils down to the same thing. I've been a TO for Indy GTs for over the past few years and what I look for are the best concepts others are using so I can borrow/steal from them and then tweak the heck out of them.

On the subject of painting - to me this aspect of the hobby is being grossly overlooked now. So I want to play mech BA and bring my Imperial Fists, or I want to play SW and bring my Chaos Space Marines. To me something is fundamentally very wrong with this approach. I think if you want to bring BA then you should bring red Marines. Really it's just that simple too. TOs should be stewards of the hobby and encourage players to bring beautifully painted armies with lots of wack conversions. When I go to a GT seriously I dont want to play lots of games versus plastic gray armies or hastily assembled dry brushed dipped washed armies. Sadly we are seeing more and more of these. Now don't get me wrong - I think you should be able to play whatever you want as long as it's legal. Sure there are some armies I personally don't enjoy playing against such as parking lots but I fully understand this is what it is and it's not going to change. I wont hold that against anyone ever. And if everyone were completely honest they'd realize there armies they don't enjoy playing either. Like I said it is what it is.   >.<

So dont take what I've said as a counterpoint. I have embraced many elements from NOVA and BoLS. I want to infuse them all together in one big pot and come up with something even better. Just take a look at my mission from Bolter Beach I (June 2010) - an objective in each table quarter that are all scattered 2d6 prior to the start of the game. As far as I know I was the first to do this and it seems to have caught on elsewhere to some degree. I'm happy about that too. So I hope ya understand where I'm coming from and realize this is not a rant. I do love to rant but this is definitely not one of those times.


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