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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Blood Angels Assault Unit

Hi everyone ! Thanks for following my blog. There has been some recent growth following the Sanguinary Guard Project articles and that's a great feeling. Always feel free to comment if you'd like to share your thoughts.

I have recently been experimenting a bit with a couple of new HQs for my DoA Blood Angels army and I'm liking it so far. After all the hard work on my Sanguinary Guard I decided to drop Commander Dante and his golden boy retinue to finally test the Librarian with a squad of Honor Guard.

Here is how I'm running them:

Librarian (jump pack)/Epistolary, Unleash Rage, Sanguine Sword

Honor Guard jump packs & Chapter Banner):
1st veteran: pair of lightning claws
2nd veteran: thunderhammer & stormshield
3rd veteran: lightning claw & stormshield
4th veteran: lightning claw & stormshield

They ride in a Stormraven (extra armor, twin linked lascannon, twin linked multi-melta) along with a Furioso (extra armor, heavy flamer, meltagun, pair of Blood Talons). My theory is let the Stormraven and other units focus on shooting. This unit's sole purpose is to quickly carve through enemy units in close combat. To me this is the perfect combination that has all of the best attributes of Blood Angels:

Furious Charge
Reroll hits (all the time)
Feel No Pain

It's a six man squad so they can ride in the Stormraven plus they have jump packs in case their ride gets blasted. On top of all this they have stormshields so they can weather some serious shooting and the lightning claws let them reroll wounds.

Consider if I were to exchange the two veterans with lightning claw and stormshield with a pair of meltaguns. That's two S8 AP1 attacks versus eight S5 I5 attacks that reroll hits/wounds ignoring armor saves. Do the math, you are giving up six strong hits in assault for two shots. With the pair of meltaguns the unit cannot generate enough attacks to beat down large enemy units or take out deathstars. That's why I'm liking this unit so much - it's über Killy .

So is this unit a true deathstar? Probably not but it does have many of the elements of a deathstar and for the points that's good enough for me. Feel No Pain plus the stormshields is potent and gives them an edge over the Sanguinary Guard. Sure I miss Dante but not enough yet to stop using them. I think the Epistolary upgrade for the Librarian is well worth it, he's S10 plus the rerolls as well. The nice thing about the Novitiate is he is typically in range of the Furioso on the charge which is another strong buff.

The downside is I'm dependent on passing the psychic tests and the Sanguinor is no longer riding in the Stormraven. To me all the many pros outweigh the few cons. I still need to playtest more.

I have also trimmed back some of the toys on my Vanguard veterans. I now run five as such with jump packs:

Power fist & stormshield
4x power sword & bolt pistol

This has saved me lots of points and I can now run two full squads of assault Marines (meltagun & flamer). I like the melta/flamer combo and am thinking this will work a lot better versus the new dark eldar. I even have enough points left over to attach a Chaplain and Sanguinary Priest to one of these squads. This let's me work in another melta (infernus pistol on the Chaplain) plus the Priest has a power sword. It's another very strong unit in close combat and is a game winner for sure ! It's certainly nice to have more bodies on the table. I would like to find the points to equip the Priest with a hand flamer as well as his power sword.


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