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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sanguinary Guard Project Part III * Captain Mortalis

Captain Mortalis
Captain Mortalis leads the Blood Saints Second Company and is an expert in the art of extreme jump warfare. On a few seldom occasions the Chapter Master will call upon Mortalis to lead his Sanguinary Guard into battle for protracted durations operating behind the enemy lines. Captain Mortalis is an expert at guerrilla tactics launching lightning quick assaults into the rear of enemy formations to turn a battle or break the foes' will by destroying a key unit. Captain Mortalis is the only member of the Chapter to have served as long as the Chapter Master and as such wears an ancient venerated suit of artificer armor that was crafted back before the days of the dark heresy. His armor is fitted with a tiny golden chalice that holds one rare drop of blood from Sanguinius. As such his armor is impervious to attacks which would utterly render other suits and is sometimes whispered to grant eternal life.

Captain Mortalis was the first Initiate selected for his Chapter's Sanguinary Guard. During the Battle of Everlong only Mortalis and one other Initiate returned. The following saga was found carved into the trunk of the Eternal Tree some years later which was duly recorded and is believed to have been left behind by Captain Mortalis in tribute to the three who died...

King god of southern clime
Greatest creature so divine
Sends for watching land below
Ravens fly for him to know

Took off from a greater tree
Higher, higher flying free
Sounds of thunder in the sky
Up above three ravens fly

In our time, ravens three
Passing over you and me
Whisper to their only master
What to come before and after

Shadow casted snowy ground
Shape of ravens might be found
At his head ravens rest
Stranger silent as his guest

Words for ear of ancient god
Carried home by wings so proud
Stare at the sky as evening come
Sky is dark and ravens gone

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