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Monday, October 18, 2010

3rd DoA batrep from Kissimmee, FL • BA vs. BT

So here is the final 3rd round batrep from the RTT. My friend Gareth (2nd round opponent) and I are both tied for second place (1W & 1D each) while there is a Black Templar player in 1st place with 2 wins. When the matchups for the 3rd round are announced I find out I will be pitted against the Black Templars player whose name is Gary. Gary had a beautifully painted army with lots of really neat conversions. The rules for the 3rd round work as such:

Deployment - Spearhead
Mission - Modified Objectives; You place 2+d3 objectives starting with the player who goes second. You cannot place your objectives in your own deployment zone plus they must be at least 12" apart and 12" from any table edge. At the end of each turn you score one point for each objective that you control and only scoring units can control objectives. Also a scoring unit must be disembarked to hold an objective. There will be a total of 3 objectives. I finally manage to win the roll for deployment and choose to go second.

Here is Gary's Black Templar army list:

Emperor's Champion (Preferred Enemy vow)

7x Assault terminator (Furious Charge)/5x pair of lightning claws & 2x thunderhammer & stormshield

Venerable dreadnaught (Tank Hunter)/extra armor, twin linked lascannon & DCCW

Landraider Crusader/PotMS, extra armor & pintle mounted multi-melta

10x Initiates {Crusader squad}/8x bolt pistol & chainsword, meltagun & power fist - rhino
10x Initiates {Crusader squad}/8x bolt pistol & chainsword, meltagun & power fist - rhino
10x Initiates {Crusader squad}/8x bolt pistol & chainsword, meltagun & power fist - rhino

Predator/lascannon turret & lascannon sponsons
Predator/lascannon turret & lascannon sponsons

Landspeeder/multi-melta & heavy flamer

I place my two objectives 12" apart in the same table quarter adjacent to Gary's deployment zone and they are both 12" from the long table edge. Gary places his objective in the center of the opposite table quarter.

I roll for the Red Thirst and get it for my Vanguard while the assault Marine sergeant with the thunderhammer and stormshield receives the Angel's Blessing.

> 1st Turn
Gary moves two of his rhinos toward the two objectives I placed and disembarks the Crusader squads so they are holding those two objectives. The Landraider Crusader (carrying the Emperor's Champion and terminators) moves up to support them with a Predator on either flank and the landspeeder behind it. The third rhino makes a dash over towards the 3rd objective. All my units are in reserve so Gary automatically scores 2 points at the end of my turn.

> 2nd Turn
Gary re-embarks the first two Crusader squads back into their rhinos and the 3rd Crusader squad moves up to the 3rd objective remaining embarked in their rhino. The landraider, predators and landspeeder all move up to 6". All vehicles that can and the dreadnaught pop smoke.

My turn I roll for reserves. In comes the assault squad with the thunderhammer sergeant (Priest is attached to them) and the Vanguard veterans. I drop the assault squad with the thunderhammer sergeant and Priest over on top of the 3rd objective to contest if necessary plus they have some cover from the lascannons over there. The Vanguard vets land beside one of the Predators. I shoot the rhino by the 3rd objective with the melta in the assault squad and immobilize it. The Vanguard charge the Predator and wreck it. That's the end of the turn and Gary still has a lead by 2 points.

> 3rd Turn
Gary moves up the landraider so he can assault my Vanguard while the two Crusader squads remained embarked in their rhinos over in that table quarter and they don't move. The 3rd Crusader squad disembarks to shoot and charge my assault squad. The Emperor's Champion and the assault terminators destroy my Vanguard while I lose none of my assault Marines to shooting from the 3rd Crusader squad and that combat is drawn.

My turn in comes everything else still in reserve. The Sanguinor lands over beside my first assault squad while the second assault lands on top of another objective beside the table edge. The Stormraven moves onto the table 6" and the Furioso disembarks. The Stormraven is also positioned behind a tall piece of desert terrain for cover. The Stormraven fires all it's weapons into the landraider and can only manage to shake it. The second assault squad fires their meltas into a Crusader rhino and destroy it. The Furioso pops smoke then charges the Crusader squad and destroys them all. The other protracted assault ends in another drawn combat. The Furioso turns in consolidation so that his front armor is facing the Templars' guns and drops back to shield the second assault squad. I now control one of the objectives so the score is 2 to 1, still in favor of Gary.

> 4th Turn
Gary moves up his landspeeder to heavy flamer the second assault squad while his dreadnaught starts to make a move towards them as well. The landraider and remaining Predator both pivot in place to target my Stormraven. The Emperor's Champion and assault terminators move into position to charge my Furioso. Shooting sees the Stormraven shaken while my second assault squad takes no wounds. The Emperor's Champion and assault terminators charge my Furioso and the metal beast promptly eats them all except for the Emperor's Champion and one thunderhammer terminator. The other assault sees the 3rd Crusader squad whittled down to the last three Initiates.

My turn the Sanguinor moves up to assault the immobilized rhino while my Librarian and Honor Guard dismount and fly up to assault the Venerable dreadnaught. The Stormraven then peels off moving over towards the second Crusader rhino in position to contest the 2nd objective and pops smoke. Shooting sees my second assault squad popping the landspeeder. The Sanguinor destroys the immobilized rhino while my 1st assault squad finally finishes off the 3rd Crusader squad. The Furioso eats the Emperor's Champion and the last terminator while the Librarian and Honor Guard immobilize and strip both weapons off of the Veberable dreadnaught locking it in place. I now go ahead on points 3 to 2.

> 5th Turn
It's basically a mop up operation now for my Blood Angels and I go on to win the mission with full battle points. Gary was a lot of fun to play and a smart opponent but it just felt like his older 4th edition codex is outclassed by the new Blood Angels codex.

We all then sit around and chat about whats in store with the new Dark Eldar while the judges tally up the final scores. The awards are finally announced, Gareth (2nd round opponent - SW) takes best overall while I win the award for best general only 0.5 points behind. I was happy with the final results and felt that my army did well against three solid opponents. My favorite match was versus the Space Wolves, that was one epic battle if ever there was one for sure.


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