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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Breaking down dark eldar • Part II - The 3 Stages

In my first introductory article on dark eldar I provided the math hammer for lances versus armor; my conclusion is that while lances are not strong at wrecking armor, they are good at shaking and stunning treads. So first you want to come in firing your lance battery shaking and stunning enemy tanks.

The next turn you move again, disembark your infantry and charge the opponent's tanks to assault them with your haywire grenades. Wyches are solid troop choice as they can fleet and take haywire grenades plus you can also kit them with plasma grenades (i.e., squad leaders are carrying phantasm grenade launchers). At this point you may also be able to start wrecking those tanks - what's left of your paper airplanes maneuver for shots on side armor plus you have some blast pistols in your Wyche squads. I think one squad of six reaver jetbikes packing two heat lances is a great investment - if not the second stage then certainly the third stage the reavers move into position for the kill. Reavers are a real threat versus armies like mechanized IG and your opponent can't afford to ignore them. You'll also probably want to field a large squad of Harlequins sporting two infusion pistols plus they can rend as well. Remember that the reavers and Harlequins are your source of melta so protect well, they can really swing the tide of battle in your favor.

By the third stage you are wrecking enemy tanks so your opponent will have to start disembark their infantry to counter your swirling melee of death. Most guardsmen are no match in close combat versus dark eldar. Small squads of fivd Blood Angels assault Marines are also easy to push. Grey Hunters are a different story though and ehxpect to see more flamers in your opponents' lists to counter your Wyches.

At this point your infantry is exposed now and will be vulnerable to shooting from your opponent's disembarked infantry. Also remember that in the second stage if you are fleeting your troops into close combat they can still attack enemy vehicles with their haywire grenades. So by the 3rd stage your opponent will start to disembark their infantry (hopefully from burning metal coffins); therefore by the 4th turn close combat versus enemy troops will begin in earnest. You'll want to have your heavy hitters ready to engage the enemy - Lelith leading a squad of elite Wyches, Drazhar leading a squad of Incubi. I see uber units such as these best delivered in Venoms. The Venom is small and fast so you should be able to hide them then bring them out at that crucial moment. Your troops have done all the dirty work so that your uber assault squads can now shine... This is also as good a time as any to throw your reavers into close combat, their squad leader armed with an agonizer is a deadly foe to your opponent. Charge the reavers into combats where you most need weight of numbers to win combat.


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