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Saturday, October 23, 2010

DoA list from Germany

Here is a list I ran across from a German RTT that took 2nd place:

DoA list (all Marines with jump packs):
2x Librarian w/ shield, lance
2x Honor Guard w/ meltas
2x Priest
3x 10 Assault Marines w/ pf, 2 meltas
3x 5 Vanguard w/ pf

Note he had 4 Sanguinary Priests with the two squads of Honor Guard.



Brent said...

What do you think about this list?

I'm having trouble figuring out my Blood Angels, but this is fairly close to what I'm looking for - an all jump-pack list.

What do you think?


Black Blow Fly said...

I think Librarians are crap for assault unless you upgrade them to an Epistolary with Unleash Rage & Sword, plus they need a choppy HG to protect them. I dont like shooty HG. The rest of the army is pretty good though cookie cutter.