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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Descent of Angels Blood Angels batreps from local RTT

I had the opportunity to bring my revamped list and see how it would fare at a local tournament yesterday. A lot of people were asking if I had brought my Death Company army again, but no they are retired for now. Hee!

We had 16 players showing up with a wide assortment of armies. Some of the armies I saw there included the following:

2x Blood Angels (including mine)
Black Templars (beautifully painted army)
2x Tau
2x Tyranids (one was a gorgeous army and won the award for best painted)
1x Space Wolves (Thunderwolf/Grey Hunter/Long Fang spam)
Orks (Ghaz horde)

Surprisingly there were no IG armies present... Seems like they aren't as popular here as they used to be.

Some really interesting missions that were challenging to play and lots of fun.

So here is my list (2000 points):

The Sanguinor
Librarian (jump pack)/Epistolary, Unleash Rage, Sanguine Sword
Honor Guard (jump packs, chapter banner):
•Pair of lightning claws
•Lightning claw & stormshield
•Lightning claw & stormshield
•Thunderhammer & stormshield

Sanguinary Priest (jump pack)/power sword

Vanguard Veterans (jump packs):
Sergeant/power fist, stormshield & meltabombs
4x power sword & bolt pistol

10x Assault Marine/thunderhammer & stormshield, meltagun & flamer
10x Assault Marine/power fist & infernus pistol, meltagun & flamer

Furioso/extra armor, heavy flamer, pair of Blood Talons

Stormraven/extra armor, twin linked lascannon & twin linked multi-melta

Librarian joins Honor Guard, they ride in Stormraven with Furioso. I deployed the same each game - Stormraven held in normal reserve, all other units held in reserve and deep strike.

The first mission was versus Wayne and his Tau. This mission had Dawn of War for deployment except that you could initially deploy all HQ and troops. Five objectives - one at the center of the table and the other four in the center of each table quarter. For each piece of terrain you rolled 1d6. On a roll of 1-3 the terrain was both dangerous and difficult terrain, on a roll of 4-6 the terrain gave +1 to cover saves. There was lots of terrain on the table.

I lost the roll for deployment and had to go first. Wayne's army looked something like this:

Squad of crisis suits w. Commander/missiles & plasma

5x Stealthsuit

10x Kroot
10x Fire Warrior
10x Fire Warrior/Devilfish
10x Fire Warrior/Devilfish
10x Fire Warrior/Devilfish

Pirinha squadron (2)/burst cannon & fusion gun
Squadron of gun drones

Battlesuit (1)/twin linked Railgun, shield drone

Wayne used his Kroot to infiltrate on top of an objective in my deployment zone and placed two of his Devilfish on top of objectives in his deployment zone. He joined the Ethereal with the foot slogging Fire Warriors and set them up in terrain for cover along the back of his deployment zone. Wayne placed the other Devilfish central to the table. Wayne decided to hold everything else in reserve.

I roll for Red Thirst and none of my units get it. The sergeant with the thunderhammer and stormshield gets the Angel's Blessing. The Sanguinary Priest is attached to the squad of assault Marines that received the Angel's Blessing.

> 1st Turn
First turn of course none of my army comes in. Wayne holds his ground waiting for the next turn.

> 2nd Turn
I roll for reserves. In comes both squads of assault Marines and the Vanguard veterans. My Vanguard lands in place to assault the Ethereal and his Fire Warriors. The assault squad with the Priest lands back deep in my deployment zone ready to target the Kroot. My other assault squad lands beside a squad of Fire Warriors sitting on an objective in his deployment zone. I shoot the Kroot, bringing them below 50 percent and they break. Second assault squad pours fire into a squad of Fire Warriors bringing them down to 50 percent and the fish heads pass their break check. The Vanguard assault the Ethereal with the Fire Warriors, beat them in close combat then destroy them when they break. The remaining Fire Warrior squads then all pass their break checks. So a solid turn but still there is a lot of Tau units waiting to come in from reserve.

Wayne rolls for reserves and every single unit comes in... Wow! I'm going to have to weather a lot of shooting this turn. My Vanguard had consolidated into a piece of hard cover for the 3++ so that should help a bit plus both assault squads are fairly well hidden by terrain so it's not looking that bad. Everything rolls on with the squad of gun drones scattering off the table and the Stealthsuits mishap with me placing them in front one of my assault squads so I can charge them the next turn. Wayne decides to walk his crisis suits onto the table after seeing that... Cant blame him either. The battlesuit sets up on the edge of his table side with some cover. The Piranhas zoom up towards the middle of the table and the Hammerhead comes in on his other flank. Lots of shooting ensues - this is make or break time for the Tau. They have everything left at their disposal on the table now while I only have three units. Wayne lights it up. After all the smoke clears both assault squads are still above 50 percent, but the Vanguard are down to one veteran with a power sword. All three of my units pass their break checks and pinning tests.

> 3rd Turn
The Sanguinor comes in from reserve but not the Stormraven... Oh well that's pretty much par for the course. The Sanguinor drops in behind a piece of cover in the center of the table looking over at a squad of Fire Warriors holed down in a large crater. The lone Vanguard veteran flies over to engage the crisis suits for some timely revenge while my assault squads move out into position to take out more Fire Warriors and the Stealthsuits. My goal is to kill all the enemy scoring units then focus on any units that can contest. I decide not to shoot and go straight to assault as I don't want to risk any enemy squads breaking and falling back outside my charge arcs. The lone Vanguard veteran charges the crisis suits, beats them in close combat then destroys them when they fail they break test. One squad of assault Marines charge and kill a unit of Fire Warriors while the other destroys the Stealthsuits. At this point I'm not holding any objectives but another good turn like this and there wont be any enemy scoring units left. Also I have put a good dent into the Tau now so I wont have to weather as much shooting again, which is important since I only have two scoring units myself.

Wayne decides to stand his ground again and pour what he has left into my army. The Vanguard veteran is out in the open now but still both of my assault squads have hard cover for the 3++. His shooting sees the end of the Vanguard finally while both assault squad take minimal losses. He tries to plink a few shots at the Sanguinor but the Angel passes all his saves. The Hammerhead has moved up towards the center of the table and the Piranhas are over in my corner.

> 4th Turn
In comes the Stormraven finally. It moves on 12 inches from the board edge. The Librarian and the Honor Guard disembark ready to assault the Piranhas while the Furioso also detaches and will be just in range with it's meltagun to blast at the Hammerhead. The Sanguinor moves up to assault the last full squad of Fire Warriors while one assault squad jumps on an objective and the other sees the Priest detach to assault the battlesuit, the squad surrounds a Devilfish full of Fire Warriors. Stormraven then destroys that Devilfish. Furioso drops the Hammerhead. Assaults all go off and there is nothing left of the Tau except for a couple of Devilfish. Wayne then concedes the game so I get full points.

Next up is a classic rematch versus Gareth's Thunderpup/Grey Hunters/Long Fangs spam !!


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