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Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Ravenwing 102 • Special Rules & Enhanced Cover Saves

Sometimes people ask did GW really intend for there to be a 2++ re rollable save or was it simply an oversight. If we look to the new Dark Angels codex the answer is obvious. The Ravenwing special tells us these units can re roll their jink save.

The basic jink save is 4++.

Black Knights have Skilled Rider so they have a 3++ jink save combined with the Ravenwing special rule.

The Darkshroud is a skimmer that is shrouded conferring 2++ to itself and its unit (i.e., Ravenwing Support Squadron). The Darkshroud also has the special rule Icon of Old Caliban which confers the special rule Stealth to any friendly units within 6". Therefore the Black Knights can have a 2++ re rollable jink save since if one model is shrouded then it is conferred to the entire unit. So even a basic Ravenwing biker squad within 6" of the Darkshroud has a 3++ re rollable jink save. This is one of the reasons why the Ravenwing Support squadron is so powerful when combined with a Ravenwing Strike Force. Stealth is conferred automatically so it's always there unlike cover saves conferred by psychic powers such as Shrouded from the Telepathy lore which must be cast. Just think how powerful dark eldar would be if they had a mobile unit with a stealth bubble to protect their skimmer craft.

Ravenwing biker units also have the universal special rule Scout so they can outflank. Note that if you run the Ravenwing Strike Force all units in this formation must either be deployed at the beginning of the game or all be held in reserve. If you elect to run a small strike force this is a great option however if you run a large formation it's best to deploy. The Ravenwing Support Squadron is a separate formation so you can elect to hold it in reserve versus enemies that have strong alpha strike potential. This gives you some nice options.

If the Ravenwing Strike Force is deployed they can turbo boost the first turn, jink then shoot at their full ballistic skill the next turn. This is very powerful when combined with the scout move.

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