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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Battle Company and what people are doing wrong

I see a lot of battle company armies and they all suffer from the same intrinsic flaw. If you are losing assaults to Warp Spiders then all I can say is shame shame. Many people are making the same mistake... They want to go pure shooty. The army needs one dedicated melee unit that has real balls and can crush things like feeble Warp Spiders. Just think about it - if you have just one strong dedicated melee centric unit it acts as a deterrent to units such as Warp Spiders rampaging through your lines. The unit must be fast too so it can catch enemy units and crush them on the charge.

My answer is the following for the Lion's Blade BattLe Company:

Master - artificer armor - jump pack - storm shield - power fist - shroud of heroes

Interrogator Chaplain - jump pack - power fist

Assault Squad
7x Space Marine - jump packs - eviscerator
Sergeant - lightning claw

They are combined together and form a counter assault unit. They can be easily hidden behind transports and move quickly to intercept enemy melee units headed into your battle line. Sure it's a fair chunk of points which is offset by the free transports. Will it hold up to Thunderwolves - no but you have other answers to deal with those threats.

Think about it.

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