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Saturday, September 12, 2015

40k Batrep: Ravenwing vs. Salamanders • Part 2

I believe I rolled on the Telekinesis lore this game. I rolled poorly throughout the game when attempting to cast psychic powers which did not play a big roll in the game.

My opponent won the roll to choose his deployment zone picking the side with an open corner to deploy his anti-air force. He then won the roll to deploy first:

This picture shows the layout of the table and terrain:

My opponent castles in his corner with the ground transports blocking off his anti-air formation. The Devastators with heavy bolters deploy in their rhino beside the central line of sight piece of blocking terrain. He places his Emperor's Will objective marker all the way back in his table corner. The assault squads are both held in reserve to deep strike along with his Chaplain attached to one of them. Note that his full infantry units will break into combat squads.

Here is my counter deployment along with my scout move:

I placed the Ravenwing support squadron (RWSS) in the middle so all the other units can take advantage of the Darkshroud stealth bubble. I place the Typhoons forward to soak incoming firepower from the enemy Hunter and Stalkers. I deployed Sammael and his command squad with the Interrogator Chaplain and Librarian attached so they can get to grips with the Salamander castle quickly. One squad of Black Knights and the two biker squads will hang back to protect my Emperor's Will objective marker. The other squad of Black Knights are free to go wherever needed the most. My Emperor's Will objective marker is placed in a clump of trees by the side of the table just behind my bikers.

My opponent is going first and I fail to seize.

Turn 1 - Salamanders
Down come two drop pods. One is the Devastators with multi-meltas and the other is one of the tactical units which splits into combat squads. One combat squad of tactical Marines jump out of a rhino and jump into some woods over beside the central ruin.

The other Devastator squad with heavy bolters disembarks and jumps into the central terrain.

I then elect to intercept the melta Devastators with the RWSS. They kill three of five leaving the sergeant and one gunner who break and fall back.

The anti-air force then lights up the RWSS managing to drop two of the Typhoons. The heavy bolter Devs snap fire at the remaining skimmers but fail to do any damage. The razorbacks with line of sight follow up with the final volleys from the castle but can't get past the jink save. The rest of his shooting is ineffective from the podded tacticals putting one wound on an attack bike. My opponent's turn ends and he failed to score First Strike.

Turn 1 - Ravenwing
It's a target rich environment but I can't assault this turn as my entire army scouted. It's okay though, I've got lots of twin linked fire power. The two biker squads and both Black Knight squads drop back to surround the two tactical combat squads while Sammael and his retinue move up behind the central objective taking aim on the two remaining melta Devs.

The RWSS scoots forward as well and can't shoot this turn as they chose to intercept.

My shooting phase wipes out the melta Devs for First Strike and I delete one of the tactical combat squads. The other combat squad is dropped to just the sergeant who breaks and is destroyed since he is trapped between my bikes and his own drop pod. It's almost a perfect clear out except for the two drop pods, neither of which are close enough to control my Emperor's Will objective marker.

Salamanders: 0
Ravenwing: First Stike

Turn 2 - Salamanders
The Salamanders' Chaplain along with his jump squad are the only reserves to arrive this turn. They drop in towards the back on my side of the table and scatter right towards my backfield bikers.

This is a fairly fast turn with not much movement except for his Chaplain and jump squad who elect to run but don't get very far. The Salamander anti-air force takes out the remaining Typhoon and Darkshroud (note the Stalkers ignore jinking). The heavy bolter Devs elect to target the Ravenwing command whom jink taking no wounds. The razorbacks are also ineffective and the two drop pods in my backfield fail to wound any of my bikers either.

2nd Turn - Ravenwing
I elect to move and turbo boost one squad of Black Knights just poking past my right side of the central ruin in a gambit to lure some of my opponent's Marines from out of their transports.

Sammael and his command remain tucked behind the central ruin to target the heavy bolter Devs. My two Ravenwing biker squads and the remaining Black Knights all line up to torrent down the Salamanders Chaplain and jump squad. I kill the Devs I can see and the jump squad is blasted... The Chaplain however rolls very well for his armor and Rosarius saves only taking one wound.

Salamanders: 0
Ravenwing: First Strike

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