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Friday, September 04, 2015

Grey Knights 7th Edition • Part 1

I think Grey Knights are still one of the top armies if played right. I have played them since fourth edition when they were not considered competitive. Grey Knights did not get a new codex that is over the top like eldar, Necrons or Space Marines but they have all the tools to win big. It is hard for a lot of veteran players to make the transition to the new edition but multi factions is part of the game now. The year I made it to the Ard Boyz finals playing the PDF Blood Angels I had Grey Knights as an ally. Nowadays Grey Knights with another faction bring it to the table and they pair very well with Space Marines. Grey Knights are one of the top psychic armies on the same level as daemons and eldar. This article is my advice how to optimize Grey Knights for the current meta in seventh edition.

Warp Charge
Grey Knights can generate lots of warp charge and the psychic phase is a big part of the game. Armies such as Necrons and Tau have access to zero warp charge so right off the bat that's a huge advantage. Based on my experience the following units are your best choices to field:

— Lord Khaldor Draigo (level 2 psychic mastery) /Lord of War
— Librarian (level 3 psychic mastery) /HQ
— Strike Squad (level 1 psychic mastery) /Troops
— Purifiers (level 2 psychic mastery)/ Elites

These are your four go to units.

Note that taking a full squad of Purifiers and breaking them into two combat squads automatically generates four warp charges. Purifiers are often overlooked because the general consensus is they die just like any other Space Marine but on the flip side they are amazing in terms of offense. Cleansing Flame (nova) is hands down one of the best psychic powers from the Santic lore and they come with it built in. Purifiers are the best Space Marines unit in power armor and I'll take them every time over Grey Knight terminators. The Stormraven is the perfect transport for Purifiers delivering them right where you need them most. Grey Knights need synergy to win so it's all about creating all the right combinations.

I take one full squad. The Keeper of the Flame is armed with a Nemesis Daemonhammer. I field one Purifier with another Nemesis Daemonhammer and then two psycannons. They are good at both shooting and assault. Besides Cleansing Flame their next go to psychic power is Hammerhand... They can bring down Wraithknights in melee.

I really hated it when it was envogue for the oldhammer TOs to ban all Lords of War. The good news is Lords of War are much more accepted now. Draigo is still a major beatstick right up there at the top and can easily drop a Wraithknight in the first round of melee... That's quite significant. He is still one of the ultimate tanks as well - especially when Sanctuary is up for the 2+ invulnerable save. His main psychic power is Gate of Infinity but his Warlord Trait lets him cast Banishment on a 2+ with is great versus daemons which are one of the top armies.

I arm mine with a Nemesis Daemonhammer, stormbolter and Liber Daemonica. The Librarian gives you access to the Divination Lore - you want Prescience which is automatic since it's the Primaris, Perfect Timing and Misfortune. WS5 with the Daemonhammer, Hammerhand and Force are another great combo for dropping Wraightknights. The main reason I take the Liber Daemonica is that the unit he is attached can reroll 1s when casting Santic which can be clutch to make sure Gate of Infinity goes off when you need it most. Level 3 psychic mastery is also huge pumping up your pool of warp charge.

Strike Squad
This is your one mandatory troop choice for fielding the Nemesis Strike Force detachment. I deep strike mine and try to keep them alive to make the late game objective grabs.

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