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Monday, September 14, 2015

40k Batrep - Part 4 - Ravenwing vs. Salamanders Battle Company [1850]

Mid Game Analysis
Presently up to this point I've protected my Emperor's Will objective, scored First Strike and denied it to my opponent. It's a close game though and there is one Salamandsrs drop pod full of ten Marines onboard that will combat squad on the drop this coming turn and we know where's it's go to try to land. I probably should have positioned my backfield biker unit to bubble around my Emperor's Will objective rather than focus on destroying the pods... Hindsight is 20/20.

The Captain is out in the open though locked in melee and has lost a wound so Slay the Warlord is up for grabs. My opponent still has a good number of Marines left over on his side of the table though and he will need to put them to work. Sammael and his retinue are still at full strength though and much better equipped for ongoing melee. I need to slay his Warlord while keeping Sammael alive and I should be in good shape since I lead on secondaries plus my opponent failed to score First Strike... So the pressure is on him.

Turn 4 - Salamanders
The last drop pod full with two tactical combat squads sticks its landing right on top of my Emperor's Will objective... Suddenly there are three enemy scoring units holding my objective - not good.

The tactical squad that fell out of the wrecked razorback pile around the four Black Knights while the remainder from the tactical squad that broke move back into position to re enter melee along with another fresh combat squad. The Chaplain and his jump squad jump in closer towards my objective just beyond rapid fire range.

Shooting up front sees the forward Black Knight squad reduced to just one Knight left even though they jinked. Shooting in the back around my objective sees a couple Black Knights dropped as well as I chose not to jink them.

The two squads of tactical Marines both charge into the scrum. Sammael slips another wound psst the Captain and the Interrogator Chaplain finishes off the last of the Captain's bodyguard taking a wound in return. The Black Knight command manage to drop another Salamander losing one in return. The Captain then breaks and manages to slip away along with one of the combat squads that also broke forming a protective ring of bodies around their leader. I then elect to Hit and Run moving deeper into the corner.

Salamanders: Emperor's Will
Ravenwing: First Strike

The wily Salamanders have suddenly slipped into the lead though precariously.

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