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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

New Tau

I want to say up front I welcome the new Tau with open arms including the Forgeworld monstrosity Taunar and the new gargantuan Surgetide. This could possibly be the end of my Ravenwing as a competitive army - that would be a really short life for something I sank a lot of money into and really love to play... But so what. Dark Angels were my first army, I started playing at the beginning of third edition. Somehow I feel that Ravenwing will remain strong and I'm not worried about it.

People say the game has devolved to Apocalypse which is true in many regards but I want to stay current and play the game by the book. Space Marines got everything I wanted plus some so I won't begrudge the Tau or rain on their parade. There will always be new armies that shake up the meta and force us to change whether or not we like it. We need to stop crying, grow a pair and deal with it. It's time for tactics to come back to the game again.

The gargantuan Surgetide is looking like a true beast and I really like the looks of the model - I think it'll be very popular and bring Tau back to the tables. It's received mixed reviews all the way from craptastic to totally over the top OP. Back in sixth edition I learn how to beat four Riptides with Chaos Space Marines... I can do it again. Every time we change a rule or ban a unit it makes us all collectively weaker as players. It's a really sad state of affairs to see vocal minorities petitioning TOs to fix the game and it's a lose-lose scenario. Playing the game should be about just that - playing the game. Things change, it's what it is.

So give the new Tau a chance before you immediately throw in the towel and threaten to quit a game you love. You don't need anyone to hold your hand for you... It'll be alright.

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