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Sunday, September 13, 2015

40k Batrep - Part 3 - Ravenwing vs. Salamanders Battle Company [1850]

Turn 3 - Salamanders
The last drop pod fails to arrive from reserve but the second jump squad lands, dropping in close to their Chaplain.

As I was hoping there is some vehicle movement and several combat squads disembark all taking aim on the forward squad of Black Knights, including the Salamander Captain. The Chaplain completes the movement by joining the second jump squad... They are situated further back this time beyond my waiting bikers' rapid fire range.

Shooting is split - some is concentrated on the forward Black Knight squad killing the only one the Salamanders have line of sight to target. The rest of the shooting is concentrated on Sammael and his retinue whom jink and the Master of the Ravenwing suffers one wound.

Turn 3 - Ravenwing
The mice have come out for the cheese so it's time for the big black cat to pounce ! Sammael and his retinue race through the ruins moving into position to multi assault the remaining heavy bolter Devs, tactical Marines in the woods beside the central ruin and the combat squad with the Salamander Captain.

The forward Black Knight squad races into a corner beside a razorback which had sheered off from its castle.

The two Ravenwing biker squads and other Black Knight squad drop back around my Emperor's Will objective to focus on the Salamander drop pods.

Shooting from the two biker squads and Black Knights wreck both drop pods and I elect not to shoot with Sammael and his command. The forward Black Knights wreck the razorback.

I issue the multi charge taking one wound on the Librarian from combined Overwatch. Sammael and command easily make it into combat with all three squads.

The heavy bolter Devs are destroyed along with two tactical Marines in the woods while Sammael and the Captain trades blows - the Captain suffered one wound in the exchange. The tactical Marines break while the Captain's squad sticks. All of the Ravenwing command piles in.

Salamanders: 0
Ravenwing: First Strike

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