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Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Warp Talons and Daemonkin

I am very excited about the Warp Talons for Daemonkin armies. As has been pointed out by Kenny Boucher Warp Talons have both Mark of Khorne and Daemon of Khorne which is kind of a big deal and no other unit has this combination. I have not seen anyone running them yet but think they can be competitive, especially as a deep striking unit using a Banner of Blood so they do not scatter. Basically this unit has the potential to be better than any jump infantry unit in the Blood Angels codex with the combination of furious charge, lightning claws, invulnerable save and Feel No Pain via the Blood Tithe. Warp Talons are way better than the Possessed and are less points. S5 on the charge with all those attacks mean they can obliterate many enemy units including even Wraightknights.

I see Warp Talons best utilized as a second or even third wave in your Daemonkin army. Daemonkin has many fast highly mobile assault units that can quickly get to grips with the enemy. As an example you can use a big unit of Flesh Hounds as the first wave to absorb the initial brunt of enemy shooting allowing the rest of your army to get into position. Flesh Hounds are well proven too. If you are not buffing your army with Grimiore or Invisibilty that saves you a considerable number of points which can go towards more assault units. Ideally you want to overwhelm your opponents and the Blood Tithe provides you with lots of strong tricks up your sleeve such as free Bloodthirsters and Daemon Princes.

Warp Talons must be protected so you can get their full potential which one reason why I think typically its best to start them in reserve along with a Heldrake. Fast attack is probably the strongest slot in the force organization chart for Daemonkin so keep that in mind. I think there is a place as well for Bloodcrushers again and being an elite unit frees up another slot for your fast attack.

Is Daemonkin able to go head to head with the top armies? I'm not willing to say no right off the bat even though most will probably just say no. They have lots of potential - it's all about finding the right combination.

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