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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Part 2 - Death Stars and the Current Meta

So in a recap from the first article Death Stars help to create internal balance to the competitive meta. People are thinking the introduction of ranged D en masse spells the end of Death Stars. The psychic power Invisibility from the psychic lore Telepathy is the best counter to D weapons. Death Stars will still be a big part of the game due to this power. Here is an example of a new Death Star using two eldar CADs and Harlequins:

4x Farseers - jetbikes

Harlequin jetbike squad

This is superior to jetseer council for several reasons:

— Warlocks aren't all that good
— Harlequin jetbikes are fearless, have Hit and Run and are good in assault
— Harlequins add warp charge (not the jetbikes but a detachment or formation)

Let's call this combination the HarlieStar... Lol. It's the fastest with eldar jetbikes. Add in Fortune plus Invisibility and it becomes nigh unkillable. This is just one example of a new Death Star.

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