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Monday, May 11, 2015

Conclusion - Khorne vs. Tyranids (2000 points)

The Blood Tithe can build up very quickly - especially when you reach hand to hand combat. Most armies don't have much in the way of dedicated melee units so Khorne Daemonkin can tear through them... Even Tyranids now seem geared more towards shooting. I'm hoping to be able to summons a Bloodthirster just for the fun of it and see if it can do anything productive. If nothing else it'll be a great distraction unit assuming it comes in which can be a gamble on 8 Blood Tithe points since it requires a leadership test. That is one of the reasons I run Berzerkers and Chaos Space Marines since the champions have high leadership.

Notice that multi-wound models such as the Crushers are great versus Mawlocs as you can see in this report plus even the Bloodletters were able to survive due to having an invulnerable save. The same holds true for Flesh Hounds which I'll discuss more in length in the post analysis.

3rd Turn Khorne
This can be the turn to put the coffin in the nail ! Luckily the Hormagant brood to my right just failed the charge even with fleet into my Crushers which could have potentially kept them locked in combat this turn. The Tyranid menace is exposed on all fronts as you'll see... Time to make the most of it.

The Bloodletters rush out of the ruin keen to seek revenge on the Mawloc while the Crushers canter up to charge the Hormagants that failed their charge last turn. The dreadclaw assault pod goes into hover mode beside the other Hormagant brood and Venomthrope. The land raider moves up a bit to disgorge the Chaos Space Marines to assault the Zoies located in the central building.

The Typhon fires its ordnance on the Zoies in the far building but the brood passes all its invulnerable saves. The Typhon and land raider then fire their lascannons into the Mawloc striping three wounds.

The Crushers then charge the Hormagants wiping them out for another Blood Tithe point. The Berserkers multi charge the other Hormagant brood and Venomthrope wiping them all out. The Chaos Space Marines charge the Zoies wiping them out and finally the Bloodletters assault the wounded Mawloc and finishing it off as well bringing the Blood Tithe count up to 8 ! Note the Daemonkin Lord is now S10 due to Goredrinker and I lost another Crusher to the gants.

First Blood; Blood Tithe: 8

3rd Turn Tyranids
The Tyranids must rise to challenge with diminishing forces ! The last Mawloc crashes back in on top of the Crushers scattering partially over the Zoies in the building. I lose another Crusher and the Zoie brood loses one as well. The Mawloc then goes back into reserve again.

Warp blast from the two Zoies manage to strip two hull points from the land raider and blow off the twin linked heavy bolter. The Flyrant fails to successfully cast warp blast this turn.

The Flyrant swoops on top of the building drawing a bead on the Crushers while the remaining Zoies and Tyrannofex take aim on the land raider. This turn the Flyrant finds its mark blasting two more Crushers off the table bringing the unit down to the last one along with full command (i.e., two Lords and Herald). The Tyrannofex then strips another hull point from the land raider bringing it down to its last one.

4th Turn Khorne
I go for the Bloodthirster successfully summoning the greater daemon through the Chaos Space Marine champion... w00t !

As this point the game is pretty much a foregone conclusion so I'll wrap it up now.

What I took away from this game ...

— I am working on building a full squad of Flesh Hounds to replace the Bloodcrushers. The command does all the heavy lifting while Flesh Hounds can scout and tank more wounds.

— I'm not 100 percent sold on the Typhon yet. It's a lot of points which could go elsewhere in the army but unlike most Daemonkin armies I've seen I think it's a wise investment to have some long ranged shooting to act as the anvil. For the points though I could get another land raider and a decked out Soul Grinder. The S10 AP2 7" ignore cover blast is really a big threat versus most armies but my worry is a Wraithknight one shotting it with long range D.

— I'm really happy with the two Lords and Herald... They are very resistant to enemy maledictions and do all the heavy lifting in melee... The Crushers were mainly there to tank wounds. I made an ungodly number of saves versus the Flyrant which was probably a real game changer. It'd be much tougher versus three or more with average saves so thinking ahead it's very important how you manage your assaults to stay locked in combat during the enemy turn which worked out well for me this game.

— In case you are wondering the greater daemon did not manage to reach close combat this game since it ended after the fifth and final turn. It was still exciting to build up the Blood Tithe and bring him into corporeal space. Probably army wide FNP for the Daemonkin detachment is the better bet but it sure was fun to swoop the Bloodthirster one turn vector striking the old Flyrant.

Overall I think Daemonkin can be competitive enough to challenge the top armies in the current meta but you better have a solid plan and well designed army list.

Finally here is the reply from Forgeworld regarding the Typhon.

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