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Monday, May 11, 2015

Part 1 - Khorne Daemonkin & Chaos Space Marines vs. Tyranids (2000 points) Batrep

Spore pods began to ran from the blood red boiling skies blotting out the crimson sun above... A splinter of the Hive Fleet touching down upon a forgotten crone world on the very edge of the Eye of Terror. Lord Magnus rose up mounting his Juggernaught as the Khorne Herald blew into his horn calling upon the nearby forces of the Skull God. An ancient war engine broke loose from its shackled bindings - the possessed mind spirit spooled through the data incoming from the warped auguries seeking for targets to destroy. Quickly a squad of humongous Bloodcrushers lead by the other Khorne Lord cantered in beside Magnus. Steam spouted from the Juggernaughts' wide nostrils as they pawed the hard dirt. "Skulls for the Skull God!" cried the Herald as they broke into a charge strsight into the very heart of the alien horde.

I had a good game yesterday versus Tyranids. Here's my army list:

Daemonkin Combined Arms Detachment

- HQ -
Chaos Lord (210) /Warlord * Warlord Trait (3) +1 attack
Melta Bombs - Sigil of Corruption - Collar of Khorne - Juggernaut of Khorne - Axe of Khorne - Goredrinker

Herald (100)
Juggernaut of Khorne - Lesser Locus of Abjuration

- Elite -
4x Bloodcrushers (250)
Banner of Blood

- Troops -
Berzerkers (222)
7x Berzerkers - Icon of Wrath
Berzerker Champion - Melta Bombs 5 - Lightning Claw - Power Fist

Bloodletters (85)
7x Bloodletter

- Lord of War -
Chaos Typhon Heavy Siege Tank (410)
Armoured Ceramite - Lascannon sponsons

Chaos Space Marines Allied Detachment

- HQ -
Chaos Lord (180)
Mark of Khorne - Melta Bombs - Sigil of Corruption - Juggernaut of Khorne - Veterans of the Long War - Axe of Blind Fury

- Troops -
Chaos Space Marines (202)
7x Chaos Space Marines
Mark of Khorne - Veterans of the Long War - Icon of Wrath - Close Combat Weapons - Meltagun
Aspiring Champion - Melta Bombs - Mark of Khorne - Power Axe - Veterans of the Long War

- Heavy Support -
Chaos Land Raider (240)
Extra Armour

- Fast Attack -
Chaos Dreadclaw Drop Pod (100)

1) Berserkers ride in the Dreadclaw.
2) Chaos Space Marines ride in the land raider.
3) I have sent an email to Forgeworld to see if it's okay to include Typhon in the Daemonkin army - I wanted to see if I want to run it so this was its test match and my opponent was okay with it. Note Forgeworld replied it will be addressed in an upcoming FAQ.

Here is the Tyranids army:

- HQ -
Tyrant - Wings - 2x Twin Linked Devourer /Warlord

Alpha Warrior - Rending Claws - Barbed Srangler

- Troops -
12x Hormagant - Adrenal Glands
12x Hormagant - Adrenal Glands
12x Hormagant - Adrenal Glands
12x Hormagant - Adrenal Glands

- Elites -
3x Zoanthrope
3x Zoanthrope

- Fast Attack -

- Heavy Support -
Carnifex - Stranglethorn Cannon - Bioplasma
Carnifex - Stranglethorn Cannon - Bioplasma
Tyrannofex - Rupture Cannon

I don't remember all the psychic powers rolled for the Tyranids but they did get a lot of Warp Blast which can double out any multi-wound model in my army and could do some serious damage to my heavy armor.

The mission was Crusade with five objective markers spread evenly across the table. Deployment was Dawn of War. No night fight. I won the roll to go first and took it. I would be holding the Bloodletters in reserve to deep strike along with the Berserkers in the Dreadclaw. My opponent held both his Mawlocs in reserve.

Here is a picture taken midway through the game which shows the table layout:

Here is my deployment:

I castled the two tanks with the HQ attached to the Crushers behind them so I'd have some cover if Tyranids seize.

Here is the Tyranid deployment:

As you can see the Tyranids split their deployment setting up in their two table quarters.

Tyranids failed to seize.

I decided to focus on one cluster of the Tyranids first going for the broods to my left - less intervening terrain to block line of sight for the Typhon plus more objective markers on that side of the table. That cluster contained two broods of Hormagants, one brood of Zoanthropes, Alpha Warrior, one Carnifex plus the Flyrant and Tyrranofex in support. I will just have to ignore the Flyrant as I don't want to waste any of my limited fire power. The Berserkers will come in on my right side to deal with the other cluster supported by the Chaos Space Marine squad.

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