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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tactical Analysis • The Water Element of Fire

Fire burns. Water is cool. They are opposite ends of the spectrum but share some things. Water can be super heated to steam but fire can't be frozen. I tend to play armies that represent fire but I know how to switch gears when necessary such as weathering a storm or lulling an opponent into a false sense of security. Water dissolves while fire burns but one tidal wave can wreck more havoc than most people are ever aware. Mother Nature can be your worst nightmare... Think about all those times the dice flat out robbed you. It happens now and then - the best you can do is be prepared. Success is 90 percent preparation and 10 percent performance.

Some things are really easy but most anything worthwhile is very hard to come by in this world and that's why so often I say practice practice practice. Practice in your sleep.

Water carries weight while fire is etheric - pure energy. A fire can only last for so long while water is always here. Both have balance and that is a key to understanding how to harness the power. Both elements can be controlled for purpose or left unchecked wrought great destruction. Neither can be converted to the other and they cancel each other out. The intrinsic properties are much like matter and anti matter... Always interesting when they collide.

Fire burns.

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