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Saturday, November 29, 2014

30k one day campaign • Sons of Horus & World Eaters vs. Loyalist Forces

We had a one day campaign yesterday with five players in attendance. Horus was leading his Sons of Horus alongside mighty Angron with his World Eaters. The Loyalists had three detachments including a trio of Imperial Knights. It was a great day of gaming at Anthem Games in Tampa. Here are some pictures of the battle.

Jordan's Night Lord Moritat whom lead a Destroyer squad into battle. Luckily for Angron he was coaxed by Horus to join him and his Justrearin inside their Spartan just before the Moritat and Destroyers deep struck onto the battlefield and finished off the last of Angron's Red Butchers. Chainfire and a pair of plasma pistols is serious business !!

Horus' personal Spartan the Behemoth. The Spartan carried Horus, Angron and a posse of Justrearin terminators delivering them safely into the dark heart of battle the final turn vanquishing a host of Loyalists including a Praetor, terminator command squad and an ancient Contemptor dreadnaught.

The fell powers of Telepathy cast by Horus' warp spawn sorcerer... Invisibility backed up by the Shrouding kept their Spartan out of harm's way disarming many of the Loyalists' guns.

Sons of Horus Rapier Battery in a bunker... Don't leave the barge without them... They downed an Imperial Sicrarian and brought an Imperial Knight down to its last hull point selling their lives dearly for the Warmaster.

Anthony Ellis carefully checking line of sight for some of his furious World Eaters.

Loyalist forces had an impressive gun line lead by Issy !

Can't wait until the next campaign !

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